Update on the Simpson Book

Borders announced that it would carry the book but that it would donate net proceed to a national organization that assists domestic violence. It will also not discount the title or promote it.

If you dislike the idea of this book, this site has all the contact information you need to protest its publication, sale, and promotion. I think that HarperCollins has a right to publish it but would like to see it pledge the profits to a charitable organization so that no one but the victims profit from this.

Some Fox Affiliates won’t air the two part interview with Simpson such as XETV in San Diego. The GM has been quoted as saying that if they do air the interviews, they’ll do it “commercial-free with PSAs for victim’s rights and abused women.”

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “Update on the Simpson Book

  1. I’m not interested in reading or watching, but after linkhopping out to the NYT article/interview with Judith Regan, I’m trying to figure out how the money will be going directly to his kids and not be attachable by lien holders.

  2. I don’t think it will go to his kids as suggested by Regan. I have to think that anything not protected by the bankruptcy code (and I don’t know how much would be considered protected income) would be subject to the judgment lienholders which are the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. There was a case I found wherein Fred Goldman attempted to obtain the “publicity” rights of OJ Simpson. I don’t know where that case went.

    I suppose, and this is just conjecture, that if the money was paid to a trust for OJ’s children that the money would pass outside the lienholder’s reach. Again, just conjecture at this point.

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