REVIEW: Bit the Jackpot by Erin McCarthy

Dear Ms. McCarthy:

Bit the JackpotI thought since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I could get away with not posting today. But then I saw that everyone else in Blogland posted and I can’t be the one to drag us all down even though I ate enough food to feed a village. I hate the holidays. Or rather my jeans hate the holidays. I did throw up a bit when I heard that Jessica Simpson is now dating Tony Romo, new quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. If I have to hear about Jessica Simpson during my football games, I may have to swear off football. At least I have retail therapy to wash away the bitter aftertaste. As I stand in line to purchase the items that I really don’t need but am gulled into buying because of the low, low price, I’ll need a book to wile away the time. What better book than Bit the Jackpot? It’s funny, light-hearted and easy to read romance with spicy love scenes. Not just spicy, but funny, spicy love scenes.

Sure, this story has a few cliches (okay, alot of cliches) but you bring enough funny to overcome any triteness. Seamus Fox, a vampire campaign manager, is out to find information that could help his vampire presidential candidate win the next election. The setting of Vegas for vampires is perfect. I am sure that there are other vampire Vegas stories, but this is the first one I’ve read so I kept thinking that the synergy between the characters and setting was ideal. Seamus is chasing down a lead at a local strip club when he gets caught up looking at a dancer behind a screen. A very talented, hot dancer behind the screen. Seamus hasn’t had a woman in 200 years since his last hookup was disastrous but it seems that even an upright vampire citizen can be tempted beyond control.

Cara Kim is the dancer behind the screen. Not only is she a stripper but she is a virgin stripper. No groaning readers, virgins aren’t my favorite thing either. Cara’s virginity is well explained and it’s not like she doesn’t want to have pleasure. (She even admits to getting some pleasure from dancing). She just does herself recognizing that BOB* may be a better lover than some ass off the street. She has a compulsive personality and a need to nurture which spells bad things for relationships.

Seamus goes backstage and tries his vampire mind tricks on her but it doesn’t work. (Again, stop with the groaning. He can still read her mind). Enter some bad vampires and a driver not paying attention and Cara is left dying on the street. After 200 years of abstinence (I SAID NO GROANING), Seamus can’t let the one girl who got it up for him die so he turns her. Even though this could spell doom for his vampire presidential candidate. When Seamus has Cara feed from him, she immediately orgasms. He also finds a vibrator in her apartment. These things lead him to believe that Cara is sexually experienced which sets up another comedic confrontation.

Perhaps why everything works so well for me is because you clearly don’t expect us to take anything very seriously. It’s a campy, fun romance with no pretensions of being anything but entertaining; and it is entertaining even the second time around. For those who haven’t read you yet, I’ll end with a few quotes because your writing sells you better than anything I could say about your book. Thanks for writing such fun sexy books. There’s always room in my reading lineup for these kinds of stories. B.

Best regards,


*BOB=Battery Operated Boyfriend

“I need a cage and a leash for my girlfriend,” Seamus told the store clerk . . . .

“Yeah, don’t we all,” the twenty-year-old clerk said, a grin splitting his wan face.

Huh? Seamus looked at the guy blankly for a second before realizing what exactly he’d said. “I mean for her dogs.”

“Right.” The guy’s finger came out and he made a sound with his teeth. “Probably better to use handcuffs on the girlfriend anyway.”

Cara was sorry she’d brought it up. Because now they were staring at each other, both angry, both breathing hard, Seamus looking hot and bothered, Cara feeling hot and bothered. She would not picture lying on Seamus’s bed, moaning in pleasure, legs spread, Seamus standing at the bottom of the bed watching her, his eyes dark, erection thick.

“Cara…I can see your thoughts,” Seamus said, his words trailing off into a groan.

She made a hideous noise and threw her arms up in the air. “You’re like a block of wood. You’re impenetrable. Your expression never changes. You always look vaguely annoyed. Even when I’m…you know”, her voice dropped down to normal tones, “you don’t even react. You don’t try to have sex with me. Not that I want you to. But you don’t even try. Are you gay?”

“No!” This was why he avoided women. They were freaking crazy. How could she not notice his erection? How could she not see his drool when he looked at her? And why did she want to penetrate him in the first place? She didn’t even seem to like him.

He nodded. “I thought I might encourage you with a little vampire persuasion.” Which sounded cheap and disgusting now that he was repeating it out loud. He was such an Irish pig. “But I assure you I wouldn’t have done anything you didn’t want me to do.” Like that made it sound any better.

“So I looked like the kind of woman who would be up for a good time?”

He wasn’t going to answer that on the grounds that she might castrate him.


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  1. I like Erin McCarthy’s writing style and voice, but I’ve avoided her vampire books because I’m not real big on humorous vampire stories. I’m going to have to rethink this as this sounds wonderful.

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