Even a Six Year Old Can Do It

Aultbea Publishing is setting new records by signing and publishing Christopher Beale’s children’s book, 1,500-word five-chapter novel called This and Last Season’s Excursions. Mr. Beale was 6 years old and 118 days when his opus was completed. He is now busy translating his book into Italian (a language in which he is fluent) and writing his second book.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “Even a Six Year Old Can Do It

  1. Having googled around I am not convinced that this is a publisher to be encouraged given reports that they aparently ask the child authors’ proud parents to provide something like 10,000 british pounds, and are selling the 1,500 word ‘novel’ for over 12 pounds a copy.

  2. I can assure you that his parents not only were not required to provide any money, but that Christopher got paid and has a contract with Aultbea – How do I know? I’m his mother. however, I do think the price is a bit much myself, unfortunately we have no say in that.

  3. It seems I can post a link to the report I read about Aultbeas dubious practices (posts with links not allowed?) I am glad not all parents were asked for money, but some are. e.g. see the grumpyoldbookman blog for this July

  4. I’ve seen a link to a blog talking about Aultbea’s potentially dubious practices as well, but of the three authors I know personally who were published by them this was not the case. We were very suprised to have read about these allegations and I have no way of verifying or discrediting them except with our own anecdotal exeperience with them. But I certainly understand the concern if it is true and it would certainly have been a reasonable question for any of the bbc interviewers to have asked us, but they didn’t.

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