Judith Regan Gets Her Hands Slapped

Regan was responsible for the Simpson book. Apparently, she had great discretion in what books would be published under her imprint using the HarperCollins money. She produced such bestsellers as How to Make Love Like a Porn Star by Jenna Jameson and Juiced by Jose Canseco. According to Newsweek, Regan’s future projects will be under great scrutiny.


0 comments on “Judith Regan Gets Her Hands Slapped

  1. And yet I can’t help but think that if she actually could have sold the OJ book to the public, her autonomy would remain unchecked ad infinitem.

  2. True. I saw on someone else’s blog that the OJ book was #24 on the Amazon list. Of course, now it is an expensive mistake and Murdoch probably wants to look good.

  3. Frankly, the OJ book doesn’t seem to be a huge jump, now that I see other titles Regan has published. I find her label of “the bad girl of publishing” to be rather strange, along with the villification of her individually that has gone on. Yes, I thought her justification of the book via her experience as an abused girlfriend was lame and the entire project was offensive. But I find it hard to believe that NO ONE else in the News Corp. organization was involved in the decision to produce the book. If she’s the person in charge of her division, the buck stops with her….but the decision to publish can’t have been made in a vacuum. I’d be interested in knowing who else was involved in the process.

  4. Of course, now it is an expensive mistake and Murdoch probably wants to look good.

    Oh, yeah. CYA all the way. I liken this to the James Frey hoopla. I rarely believe that NO ONE knows the score, but rather that everyone waits until it all unfolds, and if it goes bad, someone is designated to take the public heat to save overall publisher face. Now, if Regan continues to take risks that don’t pay off, then yeah, it’ll be over for her. But you can’t tell me that she originally took that walk down the slimy path alone.

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