Daily deals

I’m not sure that this is a romance but it sounds kind of interesting
Writer/producer Jessica Brody’s debut THE FIDELITY INSPECTOR, about a sexy woman hired by the rich to test their spouses of the intention to cheat and the problems her alter-ego causes in her everyday life, to Jennifer Weis at Griffin, by Elizabeth Fisher at the Levine Greenberg Literary Agency (world).

Never heard of the book, but isn’t Kate Bosworth the girlfriend or former girlfriend of the Elf with the long blonde hair that interrupted my viewing of Aargorn
Catherine Hanrahan’s LOST GIRLS AND LOVE HOTELS, about a young woman looking to escape in Tokyo’s seedy nightlife, to Kate Bosworth, by Rebecca Gradinger at Janklow & Nesbit Associates.

Hmmm. Should buy this as a gift
Robert W. Bly’s BLOG SCHMOG: The Truth About What Blogs Can (and Can’t) Do for Your Business, a look at the blogging phenomenon and its impact on politics, writing, marketing, public relations, publishing, journalism, and all other forms of communication and cutting through the hype, to Brian Hampton at Nelson, in a nice deal, by Bob Diforio at D4EO Literary Agency (World).


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