REVIEW: The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Annette Blair

Dear Ms. Blair,

I know there will be people who adore this book. People who enjoy a more wacky, screwball type of comedy and who’ll love watching these two characters interact. I’m not one of them.
I know that lots of people have enjoyed the two previous books in this series, The Kitchen Witch and My Favorite Witch and I would imagine they will eat this one up too.

Vickie Cartwright lives in Salem, Massachusetts and runs a vintage clothing store. When her Nana died, Vickie inherits the key to a large wardrobe that’s been sitting in the family’s old attic. Legend says that only a Cartwright woman who possesses the magic of her ancestresses will be able to open it. Well, Vickie manages to open it and finds a beautiful antique carousel unicorn inside. When she and the unicorn are featured on an antiques roadshow, it catches the attention of Rory MacKenzie and the citizens of Caperglen, Scotland.

A century ago, one of Rory’s ancestors carved the entire carousel set which drew visitors to the tiny town. When he lost the women he loved, he presented her with the unicorn thus breaking the set and losing the interest of the tourists. The town has treated the Mackenzies as outcasts ever since. Now Rory sees a way to regain the town’s esteem and bring back the money the town needs. All he has to do is travel to the US and buy the unicorn back. He doesn’t count on falling in love with Vickie or having her turn his whole world upside down.

I tried. I really tried to get into this book but it never took off for me or engaged me and I started to put it down regularly and dread the thought of picking it back up. I guess I’m supposed to find it as charming as Rory does when Vickie is rude to him and abrupt with him. I didn’t. I imagine I’m supposed to laugh when her cat launches itself at Rory and draws blood while Vickie smiles. I didn’t. I also didn’t care for a lot of other things Vickie does and frankly, if I’d been Rory, I would have offered her whatever she wanted for the unicorn and gotten the hell out of Dodge, ASAP.

I read half the book, flipped to the end and saw it ended with more of the same. I value my reading time too much to stay with a book that keeps annoying me. Readers who like a wacky, zany brand of comedy will probably love this book. From the comments I read at about the first two books, this one is just like them. Readers should enjoy it or leave it as their taste dictates.



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