Give Away Your Book and Your Sales Will Increase

Cory Doctorow wrote an article for Forbes discussing why he believes that piracy works for him. It’s a fascinating article. Let me tell you my own little story. I received a copy of Pleasure for Pleasure from Avon on Monday but decided that I would rather read the ebook so I purchased the ebook at 11 CST and went on my happy way. It is like the reverse of what Doctorow is saying but essentially, it is the same thing. A free book can lead to book sales. via

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  1. This is something we are trying a Free Catholic Christian Book 450 Page Paperback – Words From Jesus – Free Shipping

    – 1000’s of books have been shipped out. If our hearts are open, the core meaning of these words should make us think and reflect on how we could change and try to strive to do what is right.

    For freedom, is a choice to do the right thing. These are words of Love and Mercy, Our Lord, is begging us, everyone, to repent and allow Him to lead our lives, simply to Trust in Him.

    “what is a needle without thread? I am the needle and you are the thread and it is when you allow Me to guide you that your mission on this earth becomes a beautiful masterpiece guided by the hands of your Master”

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