REVIEW: Novellas by Jennifer Mueller

Dear Ms. Mueller,

My decision to buy some of your novellas was a good choice. Whether writing hot contemporaries or period detailed historicals, I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve read so far. In “A Little Roman Scandal” a heroine with a backbone of steel meets the hero to appreciate her intelligence and join with her to thwart the demeaning actions of her villainous father.

The Renaissance heroine of “Behind the Mask” decides to turn the tables on the bridegroom who’s neglected her.

A Boston schoolteacher in Ireland for a 2 week course in Gaelic discovers there’s more than Irish charm in the saucy barmaid who corrects his pronunciation in “Angel of Ballyferriter.”

And when a woman’s fiance leaves her right before their luxurious cruise around Tahiti, she doesn’t waste any time in filling his empty berth with a hot native dancer from the “Finest Island in the World.”

A British spy who reminds me a lot of Sidney Reilly discovers that he can’t complete his mission to WWI Istanbul without the help of “The Dancer’s Secret.” You write with humor, intensity and eroticism and I’m looking forward to more escapes to the past and present from you.



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  1. The whole time I was reading “The Dancer’s Secret,” I kept thinking of Sam Neill playing Reilly. Let’s hope their ending is better than the real Reilly’s was!

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