Laurell K Hamilton Promises to Kill Merry Gentry Series Too

Okay, not the character, but the series. According to a transcript provided by author, E.E. Knight, Laurell K Hamilton said at Archcon:

LKH: “Gave myself enough toys” * (guns mythology folklore) and let “series go in a direction I didn't forsee” * Meredith Gentry series is looking to be 15 books too.

The loud moans and wails? That’s me. I had given up on Anita but I still liked Merry Gentry. I accepted from the beginning that this was an erotic fantasy series with Merry Gentry as the reincarnated (or at least vessel for) the goddess. But this was planned as an 8 book series with Merry getting pregnant, choosing a consort and coming to a conclusion. With this announcement, I think I am done for.


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  1. God, I had the same reaction when I read that. I didn’t like the idea of the Merry Gentry series (because I was hooked on Anita at that time) but it’s much better than AB now. I was looking forward to Merry Gentry having a definite end. *Sigh* I guess I’ll just have to moan and wail along with you. And give up on LKH entirely- too bad because I wanted to know how that series would end.

  2. *pats shoulder* I walked away from AB around Obsidian Butterfly. It was the last book I could stomach. I have held out hope for Merry but knew we would face problems with the decreasing length of each book and the fact that everything happens over 12 hours to 1 day. But, I can giver her until book 10 too. We have barely scratched the surface at this point though many have plumbed the depths so to speak. 🙂

  3. Gaaaahh! I was hanging in there with Merry G when I thought it would conclude within a fairly reasonable time frame, but if this turns into 15 books…um, no. Just No.

  4. i love the characters and would of been sad to see them come to an end but i was kinda hoping for a new series, i think LKH need something new to snap her out of her rut

    rut being the operative word LOL

  5. i am in love with the characters in her merry series and not willing to let them go so quickly. 15 books? okay maybe too much, but who knows. i’ve eaten my way through the first six so i say bring it on! and in reply to anna, somtimes you need a lengthy sex scene to add weight and understanding to the plot, especially in books like these, but to each their own right? 🙂

  6. I love her books, they are a good, quick read. 15 books in the MG series….GOOD!!! I love that series and think it is the better of the two anyway. Come on LKH keep writing!!! I am waiting on both series to pump out another book. The sex scenes are great and I agree that “somtimes you need a lengthy sex scene to add weight and understanding to the plot, especially in books like these.”

  7. i love love love the merry books, i just finished a lick of frost and come on give me more. its too good to just end like this more sex scenes and more rhys. i love rhys 🙂

  8. i have to say a prob be hated that i love both series .i just finished lick of frost and have been waiting already for the next book.i dont see anything wrong with books which keep going they can always evolve you grow up with them this way and you dont get to the final thinking hey i wish their was more to happen more to know .i say lkh keep going love just can i add me own character cause i wanna be in them .te he

  9. As long as the story stays as good as it is who cares how many books it is? How many times have you read about a character you really liked for 3 books, or maybe even only one, and wished “Damnit, I want to know more.”

    Well I’m one of those people who is never satisfied with the least and always wants more. So bring it and I’ll keep buying.

  10. Just finished ‘A Lick of Frost’ and have to say that this one does finally do some fabulous story telling as well as the sex scenes – the sex seems to be back to embellishing the plot rather than being the basis of the book – HOORAY!! If they keep on like this, I’ll be hanging on in until the end…

  11. I finished “A Lick of Frost” and I just can’t wait for the next book. I’m looking forward to know what happens to Frost and I wan’t to know if she will have her own sithe. So who cares if their are 15 books I say keep writing LKH. I aslo think that for this series their has to be “a lengthy sex scene to add weight and understanding to the plot, especially in books like these.” cause you have to remeber where meredith decends from a goddess of fertility.


  12. I think she should keep going.

    It shouldn’t matter how many books there are, it’s a damn good series.

    I personally can’t wait for the next one…and the next one.

    I love the series and will continue to buy them until the end.

  13. LKH weaves a wonderful tale in BOTH series. I’m a huge AB fan, and can’t wait til “Blood Noir” is released. I started the MG series out of curiousity, and am halfway through the 2nd book. It’s great, too. But I find them too similar. One pretty lady with multiple “beautiful” men. Sure, the sex scenes are great, and I love her writing, but I was really hoping for something different with MG. But, I like LKH’s writing, so as long as she writes, guess I’ll read!

  14. I wanted to know how many books there were knowing the AB series, which i kinda gave up on when i hit the 7th book (8th is sitting next to my bed) with jean- claude appearing less and less *sobs*, anyway I loved JC but i am obssessed with Merry’s men, i love frost and when i found out that there would be 15 bboks i was thrilled i am nearly finished the 4th one and you can see the character growth so much more than in AB, though i do agree with some, on the sex scence i love a good sex scene but the descriptions are all starting to sound the same and repeative, so needs new ideas with that part of the plot, but the growth of the charcters is great, i didnt like rhys in the first book bu now i love him he cracks me up i love the bit about the badges being a new term for balls, and the scene where doyle breaks down and starts to cry cause he believe the ring choose Mistral it was a show of raw emotion i was cried so MUCH. THAT my friend is character growth and is what AB lacked if the MG series continues the way it is going I will stick to it till the end, I wanna know who becomes King, and what the other men will do when he is choosen.

    I just pray it doesnt turn out to be another Anita Blake dud. *sobs again* (though i will try to pick it up again.)

    much love to Frost, Doyle, Rhys and Mistral. MY FAVOURITES. in order too of course. May one of them be King of the Unseelie Court. LOL ^_^

  15. Well, I have read all AB books so far and agree that they’ve definitely become boring in the last few years. But I just read the last three MGs (had some catching up to do on vacation) and am totally in MG mode right now. I am so hooked and so sad that I have to wait until Christmas for Swallowing Darkness.

    I TOTALLY sobbed at the end of Lick of Frost. While I’m thrilled with the significant plot progress, I’m devastated by the plot decision she made at the end (and if you’ve read it you’ll know what I’m referring to – no spoilers). There better be 15 books so she has time to rectify this horrible decision she made (which someone in the story said could be resolved in 3 or 103 years – it better be 3). So bring on more Merry and her gorgeous men!

  16. I am totally astonished by some of the responses I’ve red! Let me tell you something: if you don’t like it don’t buy it, step in something else and stop criticizing what she’s doing, you may don’t like it but others do! I will also add that it’s easy to criticise, but try to do better, everybody can’t create a whole world like she did, give life and personality to every single character and give a “cohérence” to the plot and some of you may respect only this if not the story! As far as I’m concerned, I love it both as way of entertaiment and as work of art. I’m european, so I maybe I have an other way of seeing things, but think that you can’t despise somebody’s work if you can’t do any better! To be a writter can be difficult, but don’t be disapointed Laurell because you have some real fans!

  17. I would just like to say that a friend introduced me to the Merry Gentry series and i absolutely loved them read all seven books in about a fortnight! Never came across any literature like it! Doyle all the way!

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