Rethinking the “Model” Body

While not romance news per se, it is related to women. The Wall Street Journal online has a freely available article about Milan’s movement away from the super thin model. Giovanna Melandri, Italy’s minister for youth policies, and Mario Boselli, the head of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, have led a movement within Milan’s fashion industry to ban the use of super thin models and move toward a more healthy looking woman. Via Blogging Project Runway.

0 comments on “Rethinking the “Model” Body

  1. I don’t mind that she’s size 12, but she doesn’t look all that healthy either. She looks like she doesn’t exercise or anything — meaning she looks flabby rather than ‘toned’.

    The other girl looks like she’s going to faint from starvation in any minute.

  2. I’ve never understood what was so sexy about models who are so thin you can see their bones sticking out. Being that thin, is as unhealthy as being obese.

    Just not attractive in my opinion.

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