REVIEW: Mr. Right Now by Monica Jackson

Dear Ms. Jackson:

Mr Right NowI think you must be a very funny person because there were a couple of scenes, while a bit over the top, which were hysterical. The problem is that most of the book read like a more serious novel and the two sides didn’t fit well together. Or maybe it was just that you had alot of good ideas but none of them were explored in any depth or blended together with any consistency.

Luby Jones is a young black lawyer working for a large St. Louis lawfirm. She has two close friends who are having relationship problems: Cat and Danni. Luby herself hasn’t had really struck it rich in the men area either until Jake Kosevo moves into her apartment building. Luby has never even considered white men as potential dating material. She believes they view her with disdain (if they even see her) and she returns the sentiment until Jake shows up. Jake has something special. Something really special because he makes everyone around him stand up and take notice, regardless of sex.

I don’t think it is a spoiler to say that Jake has special power even if you couldn’t guess that this is a slight paranormal from the cover or the blurb. One of Jake’s special powers is to attract other people. Jake believes that he is unable to form any real relationship because of it. However, he senses Luby is different and wants her. Luby is not immune to Jake’s charms but she is very unsure of his power. When she is informed by her grandmother that she, too, has powers, Luby doesn’t know what to think. Jake and Luby fall in love but their HEA is threatened by a powerful scorned lover of Jake’s. I found Luby to be strong and resilient and Jake to be kind of a wuss. I should mention that this is an erotic romance or would fall under that category.

I thought that the basis of the magic for both Jake and Luby was different than I had read before and I was really interested in that area being fleshed out. Unfortunately, the world building was very superficial leaving me wondering whether the paranormal aspect was more afterthought than anything else.

I think that there are about three parts to this story. Part 1 is devoted to Jake and Luby finding each other and being attracted to one another. Part 2 involves the relationships Cat and Danni have with their own men and how their problems are resolved. Part 3 then returns to focusing on Jake and Luby. I really didn’t understand what Part 2 did for the advancement of the plot or the character development for Jake and Luby.

In the end, I think you may have something interesting to say, but this book didn’t really work for me. C-


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  1. Luby and her crazy assed friends were definitely the highlight of the book. That one scene involving the “confrontation” had me laughing my head off.

  2. I keep picking this book up, mostly because I like Monica’s blog and respect her internet presence. But I put it back on the shelf every time because of the name of the heroine. “Luby” conjures (to me) images of a greasy middle aged white guy in garage coveralls, and I just can’t get past it.

  3. You know those cafeterias in Texas? They were my inspiration, but have absolutely nothing to do with the character other than I wanted an off-the-wall name for her. I’m guilty of being quite food oriented.

    Jane, thanks for the review and go and see my rebuttal! I wrote a whole post. I don’t get that many reviews and I get excited, LOL.

  4. You know those cafeterias in Texas?

    That is the second second thing that pops into my mind when I hear “Luby,” after the grease monkey. My stepmother loves the place, particularly for its liver and onions (ick).

    Would it be sacrilege for me to ask if the book is out in e-format? One that I can edit, making Luby into Lucy or Ruby? [Is a question like that rude or heartbreaking or offensive to an author? No offense intended.]

  5. jmc, since you have a blog, send me your e-mail at and I’ll send you a pdf copy free WITH the name changed, LOL!

    Same deal for anybody with a blog who’s willing to read it. Be warned, there is generous usage of the eff word and it IS raw, including possibly grating on tender racial sensibilities.

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