USA Today Top 150 List

Linda Howard, Drop Dead Gorgeous, No. 12
Nora Roberts, Rebellion, No. 22 (Peak 8 )
Mary Balogh, Gilded Web, No. 24
Christina Dodd, The Prince Kidnaps a Bride, No. 38
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dark Side of the Moon, No. 49 (Peak 19)
Eloisa James, Pleasure for Pleasure, No. 52
Nora Roberts, Dance of the Gods, No. 53 (Peak 2)
Nora Roberts, First Impressions, No. 62 (Peak 32)
Danielle Steele, HRH, No. 65 (Peak 13)
Nora Roberts, Morrigan’s Cross, No. 75 (Peak 1)
Linda Lael Miller, One Last Look, No. 102
Janet Evanovich, Thanksgiving, No. 118 (Peak 10)
Mary Janice Davidson, Sleeping with the Fishes, No. 127
JD Robb, Born in Death, No. 128 (Peak 5)

I thought that MJD’s list placement was really low. I don’t know if it is a function of this being the first in a new series or reader frustration over lack of character growth. I also think its a sad state of things when reprints get top billing over new releases such as in Nora Roberts’ and Mary Balogh’s cases.

A bit unrelated: I was at Barnes & Noble last night and they were reshelving some of Nora Roberts’ books that had fallen off the bestseller list. Apparently one had fallen off last week and three this week. I also saw 4 Holly Lisle books there with her most recent book face out. I think there were five copies in all. She was at the bottom of the shelf, but so were all the other authors whose last name started with “Li”. I went in to buy a Dee Davis book. There were none there. Instead I bought little girlie a Biscuit book and myself a Zebra contemporary, Alexa Darin’s Good With His Hands.


0 comments on “USA Today Top 150 List

  1. Sleeping with the Fishes was definitely blah. Typical MJD. Fluffy, but not a lot of substance.

    I also bought Good WIth His Hands. Was an impulse buy because of the price.

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