REVIEW: A Serpent in Turquoise by Peggy Nicholson

Dear Ms Nicholson,

What a fun book. It’s kind of a cross between Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park with a dollop of history thrown in. Then add suspense and great character chemistry on top of that. Then finish with fun, playful humor. It’s been a while since I read a book where I honestly couldn’t tell what would happen next and where I didn’t want to put it down.

Raine Ashaway almost ignores the letter which Anson McCord sends her asking her opinion about whether or not some kind of dinosaur might have been the inspiration for carvings on Aztec temples. But with nothing else on her calendar and since she’s always on the lookout for a new place to dig for fossils, she decides to track him down in a remote coastal region of Mexico. A disastrous love affair tanked McCord’s academic career and for years he’s been trying to track down centuries old rumors of a fabulous lost Aztec treasure to resurrect it. In the meantime, he runs two week long archeology “excursions” to Mexico’s Copper Canyons to pay the bills. The scenery might be gorgeous but Raine’s first meeting with the locals is almost deadly and things don’t get much better from then on. Once Raine and McCord are out in the isolated deep river canyons, they begin to find evidence that McCord’s theory could be right, and that there are a lot of people out there who might not want them to ever prove it.

I like both Raine and McCord. Raine is smart without ever getting pushy about it. And her few mistakes are made from ignorance and not over feistiness. She’s got a healthy instinct for when to fight and when to back off for another day. McCord isn’t ashamed to admit when he’s wrong yet he can be graciously correct as well. Both acknowledge the attraction between them and have fun when they finally give in to it. The sex scenes aren’t purple yet manage to convey both heat and feeling. I also like how both will usually use common sense to reason out a situation rather than flying off the handle. But when they do have arguments, things don’t turn into Big Misunderstandings. The ending might be a bit over the top but, what the hell, it worked for me.

I see that you’ve got quite a backlist and I definitely want to look for the other Bombshell title you wrote in this series. If you have plans for others, I hope you get a publisher now that Silhouette has pulled this line. This is an impulse buy which really worked for me.



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  1. I remember reading the first in this series. I didn’t realize there was another. I liked the first one okay, but I’m not sure I’d have given it the same glowing description you gave this one, so I wonder if this one is that much better or if you just like them more? I’ll have to find a copy of this one 🙂

  2. Hi, Jayne,

    What a great review! I’m so glad you liked Serpent. I had a lovely time writing it. I’m afraid I don’t have any more Bonehunter books in the works for the moment. I’m taking an academic sabatical, considering options, but I’m sure I’ll be back in the fray within a year or two. Meanwhile, do check out An Angel in Stone, if you liked this one. The 23rd Man and Scent of a Woman are also of this type. Then there’s You Again, which might be the weirdest Superromance ever written, and one of my faves.
    Best regards,

    Peggy Nicholson

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