REVIEW: Billionaires Prefer Blondes by Suzanne Enoch

Dear Ms. Enoch:

Billionaires Prefer BlondesThis is the third in the series and I would rate it better than the last one but still not as good as the first. Enoch has pretty good knack for setting up a heist and bringing in the kind of Thomas Crown Affair aura to it. My main problem with the book was Sam, again. I am always picking on the girls. 🙂

Samantha Jellicoe is a recently reformed thief who desperately misses the rush of the B&E. Richard Addison is a billionaire who buys and sells businesses, land, etc. for a living. Sam and Rick met in book one when Sam went to burglarize Rick’s home. She specialized in stealing art. Since falling for Rick, though, she’s had to go straight. She’s trying to stick to the straight and narrow by running a security consulting business.

Rick and Sam go to Sotheby’s for an auction to buy a Rodin. While there, Sotheby’s announces that the Hogarth up for auction had another Hogarth behind the face canvas. Rick and Sam decide to get the set. Problem is that an old acquaintance of Sam’s is there. She recognizes him and recognizes that the Hogarth is the thief’s mark. She can’t tell Rick because she is afraid that he will assume that being with her is too complicated and brings him too much grief. She can’t allow the thief to steal from Rick, either.

Unfortunately, in trying to turn away the thief, she leaves Rick vulnerable and the painting gets stolen anyway. The security company is called in and the cops are wondering whether Sam did it or whether Rick had Sam do it to collect the insurance proceeds. During the first 1/3 of the book, Sam deceives Rick big time and this bothered me quite a bit. I felt it was very selfish even though Sam kept assuring the reader that the deception was to protect Rick. Eventually she comes clean and I felt better reading the rest of the story.

The bad guy and the “suspense” thread was a bit clumsy. I knew immediately who the bad guy was and there didn’t seem to be much danger of Sam being hauled off to jail. The romance was still good and had a good resolution. Overall, I would say it was a B- read. There’s no real depth here; no growth in the characters, but its fast and entertaining.

Best regards,



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