USA Today Besteller List Top 150, Week Ending December 10, 2006

Linda Howard, Drop Dead Gorgeous, No. 31 (Peak 12)
Philippa Gregory, The Boleyn Inheritance, No. 40
Nora Roberts, Valley of Silence, No. 43 (Peak 2)
Nora Roberts, Rebellion, No. 47 (Peak 8 )
Debbie Maccomber, Ready for Lunch, No. 59 (Peak 29)
Mary Balogh, Gilded Web, No. 63 (Peak 24)
Danielle Steele, HRH, No. 74 (Peak 13)
Nora Roberts, First Impressions, No. 77 (Peak 32)
Christina Dodd, The Prince Kidnaps a Bride, No. 82 (Peak 38)
Nora Roberts, Dance of the Gods, No. 83 (Peak 2)
Nora Roberts, Morrigan’s Cross, No. 75 (Peak 1)
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dark Side of the Moon, No. 127 (Peak 19)
Eloisa James, Pleasure for Pleasure, No. 128 (Peak 52)

Fell off the list:

Linda Lael Miller, One Last Look, No. 102
Janet Evanovich, Thanksgiving, No. 118 (Peak 10)
Mary Janice Davidson, Sleeping with the Fishes, No. 127
JD Robb, Born in Death, No. 128 (Peak 5)


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