Fictionwise Has a Great Big Sale

FictionwiseThere’s nothing like a sale to get my pocket book to open. Fictionwise is discounting virtually every book in its store. From now until December 31, every multiformet ebook is discounted 20% and every secure ebook comes with a 20% Micropay rebate.

I’m buying several books today and in the spirit of the holiday season [which apparently means I still have some left over from Thanksgiving], I’ll giveaway five copies of Elizabeth Hoyt’s Raven Prince in the ebook format of the reader’s choice. First five that comment to THIS post, will win.


0 comments on “Fictionwise Has a Great Big Sale

  1. I want to know why Fictionwise doesn’t have more Jim Butcher books? Actually, I wish I understood how Fictionwise chose their books because how they say they do it isn’t really how I’ve seen it done and it frustrates me *sigh* I wonder if it would be considered cheating to give up my book-buying embargo on December 31st instead of January 1st so I can take advantage of the sale?

    (I waited to comment until five people had gone since I’m not a huge historical fan, though I hear excellent things about this book. )

  2. Angie, the Fictionwise business model gives me lots of headaches. I have emailed them a number of times about it only to receive the “thanks for your input” reply. Gah. Whatever.

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