Book Giveaway

Santa, aka Penguin Publishing, had the Fedex man drop off some books yesterday. These are duplicates of ARCS that I had already received and some I am going to buy to do the whole “support” your author thing so I thought I would give my extras away. I’m going to be giving away the following books at 12 pm CST. (That’s when I’ll open the comments up). First come, first serve. Post which book you want. Please try not to trample the commenters in front of you.

Demon AngelDemon Angel by Meljean Brook. Excerpt here.

The Rest Falls AwayThe Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason. Podcast trailer here.

Touched by DarknessTouched by DarknessCatherine Spangler. Excerpt here.

Over the MoonOver the Moon, Anthology by Angela Knight, Mary Janice Davidson, Virginia Kantra and Sunny. Knight’s excerpt here.

The Heat of the Night
by Emma Holly. This is a reprint and trade sized. Excerpt for Hunting Midnight, the full length book included in the reprint here.

By Jane Litte

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