REVIEW: Cat Tales: A Christmas Story by Leta Nolan Childers

Dear Ms. Childers,

I admit I’m a sap for any books with cats in them and this one sounded cute and fluffy. Two older cats explain the magic and meaning of Christmas to a young kitten who’s puzzled by this whole Christmas Tree, packages, nativity scene and Santa idea. The story is sweet, the illustrations are nicely done though I doubt any cat could resist batting those toy sheep from the manger scene around if one had the chance. I do feel compelled to point out that Bug, the young kitten, undergoes a sex change in one line towards the end of the story. She also changes fur color at least once and some lines are repeated on the last page. But I see it’s from Diskus publishing so that probably explains that. Still it’s a solid B grade though a little pricey for the story length.



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