REVIEW: e Before Christmas by Matthew Beaumont

Dear Mr. Beaumont,

Anyone who’s ever had to suffer through workplace emails, workplace politics, and workplace Christmas parties needs to read this book. It’s effing brilliant. Told entirely through emails, we get to watch the annual Christmas party being planned at the Miller Shanks ad agency’s London branch office, as well as following the ad work being done on some of the agency’s campaigns (real life Barbie dolls including Bi-Barbie with her girl “friend” and Ken with an electrolux as well as some fat laden, artery clogging microwave meals). Every office type is included from the ditzy Drama Queen, the uptight office manager, the party boys in Creative and the woman everyone knows will end up drunk in the ladies loo shagging her head off. I startled my cat several times by collapsing in hysterical glee as the inevitable cock-up took shape. I’ve heard the Brits can party any country under the table yet still be going strong and the “after party” recriminations amongst the Miller Shanks personnel prove the tale. B+


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