REVIEW: Three Christmas Tales by EP Roe

Dear Readers,

According to the note in this book, EP Roe was a popular writer in the late 19th century. This book contains three short stories which take place near Christmas and were first publish in 1869.

A Christmas Eve Suit: a young lawyer decides the time has come for him to carefully weigh the charms of two young ladies to decide which he will seriously court. Once he’s made his decision, can he get her to say yes?

Susie Rolliffe’s Christmas: Set during the Revolution, two young men vie for the affections of a young woman from Connecticut. One is quick to put himself forward and march off to Boston to fight the redcoats while the shy other man stays back to provide for his widowed mother and young siblings before he too marches off. With the help of a fellow soldier, Susie discovers which of them is the best man and which is only full of himself.

Christmas Eve in Wartime: When her Union soldier husband is reported missing in action, a young mother is hard put to provide for her two young children in the months before Christmas. She hopes for the best but even she can’t imagine the miracle in store for them.

These are definitely older style stories. I enjoyed the first two very much. There’s a lot of unspoken but deeply felt emotion throughout them and while they’re by no means like modern romance novels, I felt the two couples were well matched and headed down the road to life long happiness. The last story is unfortunately marred by an excess of overwrought 19th century sentimentality. B for the first two and C- for the last.



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