Brava to Re Issue Trades in Mass Market

This is a great thing for readers as trades are expensive, libraries rarely buy them and authors and readers lose out. Releasing the trades in mass market at a lower price point makes sense all around. Ms. Duffy announced the following releases:

  • September, 2007 – FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES by Kathy Love
  • October – THE IRISH DEVIL by Diane Whiteside
  • November – MOUTH TO MOUTH by Erin McCarthy
  • December – ALMOST A GENTLEMAN by Pam Rosenthal

I suggest readers post with requests over at the Brava Forum for releases you would like to see.

Via Brava Authors.

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0 comments on “Brava to Re Issue Trades in Mass Market

  1. There’s only one that I’d read out of that lot anyway, but I’m glad about the reissues, it really annoys me to have to pay £9.99 ($18.99) for books I’ve probably read already.

  2. Interesting! But where’s Alison Kent’s SG-5 series? That’s the one I’d really like to have in mass market size–all those novellas combined in one volume, followed by the rest of the series in mm, too.

  3. YAY!!!!

    I’ve looked at some of the Brava novels and wanted to pick them up, but we are on a tight budget and can’t justify frequent trade purchases. When I do get one, it’s usually by an author that I already know. 😕

    (That and trade paperbacks have a tendency to hurt my wrists. >_

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