Privacy and the Internet. Makes for Great Drama.

Jessica Cutler, blogger and author of the book, Washingtonienne, is embroiled in a lawsuit over privacy issues. One of the men with whom Cutler enjoyed a physical relationship and subsequently blogged about the details sued her for invasion of privacy. A case of first impression (as lawyers call legal issues for which there is no other case law that establishes precedent) will set some ground rules as to whether people who keep online diaries are obligated to protect the privacy of people who are not online.

Even though Ms Cutler stated that she felt really bad for the guys who were identified in her weblog and then her book, I guess we won’t know how bad until the outcome of the lawsuit.

CNN via MediaCat.


0 comments on “Privacy and the Internet. Makes for Great Drama.

  1. He was humiliated 2 years ago…but doesn’t think there’ll be another heaping serving of humiliation in store if this goes to trial?

    Stepping back from legality, what right of privacy? He had sex with another human being. People talk. If she hadn’t written anything, but gossiped verbally, would he feel the same way? Maybe. Would he be suing? I doubt it.

    I’m just boggled. And I appreciate Judge Friedman’s comment in the CCN piece.

  2. Gee even a judge does not get this one. She did not do anything maliciously or for profit so I guess he is about to find out he is gonna lose and in public no less.

    Maybe the immature horny boy will think twice before sticking his dick into another blogger chic.

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