REVIEW: A Little Bit Wicked by Victoria Alexander

Dear Ms. Alexander:

A Little Bit WickedI think I’ve read a book of yours before but I honestly can’t remember. Your name is familiar, at least. The familiar name and the blurb sold me on this book. The premise of this story is a widow who was enjoying her widowhood rather than the virgin widow which is about my least favorite plot device.

Lady Judith Chester has been widowed for 10 years. During that time, she has enjoyed discreet liaisons with a few gentlemen. Judith’s previous marriage has made her determined not to love again for she loved her first husband but is scarred by his death.

Gideon Pearsall, Viscount Wharton, and three of his friends make a bet as to who will be last to wed. They all acknowledge that they must wed, but would rather do so later than sooner. Gideon has already been married, briefly. His marriage ended badly as well and thus is sure to the be last to fall.

One evening Judith and Gideon connect and something sparks between them. Initially Judith and Gideon agree to have an affair, one that will end amicably between the two when their time together comes to an end, as both agree that it must. The first half to two thirds of the story is Judith and Gideon spending time together, getting to know each other in bed and out.

The tone of the book is lighthearted and there is alot of fun to be had. Gideon’s friend plays a great prank on Gideon with the help of Judith. Gideon and Judith both excel at social discourse. The scenes with Gideon and his friends talking about relationships and just contemplating life were some of my favorite.

There were two basic problems I had with this book. First, after after the initial meeting, the relationship between Judith and Gideon had more tones of a friendship than a love affair. During the moments of intimacy, Judith and Gideon would engage in conversation and not in a playful sexy manner, but in a manner no different than if they were standing in a ballroom. Second, the resolution of their internal conflicts dragged on for much too long. The last third of the book consists of Judith and Gideon lying to themselves, their friends, and each other about their true feelings for each other leading to tiresome misunderstandings and separations. B-.

It’s a decent historical romance that can be purchased as an ebook or in mass market and is available now.

Best regards,


By Jane Litte

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  1. Happy New Year, Jane.

    I have read one VA — THE WEDDING BARGAIN or something like that. Wouldnt ever want to read another VA again. Mostly because I prefer dark, angsty sexy readd to cute & fluffy but I thought VA did cute & fluffy well if you like that sort of thing. But also because some of her humor came from repetition which became frankly too repetitive and boring.

    However, I was surprised reading about the plot of this book because its doesnt seem like a plot (2 worldy people embarking upon a love affair) that VA should be doing. Even if you dont dwell on all the sex involved, shouldnt a book about a love affair at least be, well, if not sexy then at least sensuous? And when I say “sensuous” I mean the broad term of involving all the senses which can make for a lack of explicit material (someone like Jo Beverley can do this very well). Of course, not everyone can be a Susan Johnson who specializes in the 2 worldly people embarking on a love affair thing but even when a light-hearted Regency writer like Candice Hern approached the same plot in her last book (Just One of those Flings), she treated the subject according and abandoned her usual one-love-scene-near-the-end-of-the-novel approach. I guess this is why Hern gets my hard earned money and VA doesnt.

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