REVIEW: Demon Angel by Meljean Brook

Welcome to our inaugural book club selection. I have been reading Meljean Brook’s blog for a while now and when I realized she had a single title release, I emailed her and begged for a copy of her book. She graciously acquiesced and fortunately for both of us, I really enjoyed this book. I’ve been talking it up because the world building in this fantasy romance was remarkable. It really made me think and pay attention which, because I am a lazy reader, I am not always compelled to do. Later today will be Jayne’s review and I hope readers spend the upcoming weeks reading this book and telling us all that you loved and hated. We would ask that any comments on the content of the book be saved for Jayne’s review. That way all the comments are in one place. Come back later and we’ll start up the conversation/debate/snarkfest/heated discussion/lovefest or whatever it turns out to be.


0 comments on “REVIEW: Demon Angel by Meljean Brook

  1. Great video–and great song, too (lubs Snow Patrol!). Haven’t yet read DEMON ANGEL, but I have it, and it’s sitting at the top of the stack. Can’t wait!

    Happy New Year, all!

    p.s. My favorite part of the video was “Hugh was disillusioned.” (Hugh bubble: “I’m disillusioned.”) LOL cracked me up!

  2. Great vid, Jane. lol. I know it must take a lot of work, but I hope you do more of them. They’re so entertaining.

    erhm, when I click onto comments, the video window blocks out part of the last 3 comments. It happens in Firefox and IE, so I don’t think it’s a browser issue.

    Looking forward to the review.

  3. Jane,

    very clever video, you sum up the book so simply and yet the story is so complex.

    World building–amazing

    Character developement–amazing

    Story telling–very good, but you’re right at times it’s confusing and slow, I thought my problem was reading it on my computer, I kept scrolling back, rereading passages to make sure I caught all the info, detail heavy yet nothing felt redundant.

    Good vs. Evil at it’s best–I can’t wait to reread this one (waiting on a B&N order)

  4. JAQ – thanks for the heads up. As much as I enjoy putting them together, the video reviews are constrained by how often I can coerce Ned into drawing my pics. Which isn’t very often!

  5. Arrrrrgh. I’d made up my mind. I’m tired of paranormals. I like romance with my fantasy – I’m not so keen on fantasy with my romance. And then, there is this video review – funny, pointed, clever.

    I give up. Will “Demon Angel” be available as an ebook?

  6. Well – you’ll have to tell Ned how much we all love his art work!!! These video reviews are just the been knees in hilarity. Lara has it – that Hugh disallusioned had me shouting with laughter.

  7. Really jane you need to work harder to get ned to playball. I have faith in you.

    This really was a great review and well you know me ;). Loved Hugh disillusion blurb and his fall. Hee and you worked in meatloaf! You go with your badself.

  8. Hey Jane ;D

    This is the first review video that i see and I’m impressed 😀 Good job, I really like it (esp. since I’ve just, just finished reading it 🙂 Must have taken you so long 😀 Anyway, good, good, good job ;D

  9. This has to be your best video yet! I loved the ‘disillusioned’ part also and then of course the snail was classic.


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