Is Amazon Raising Prices Based on Popularity

Times reporter, David Streitfield, is wondering whether Amazon is engaging in price discrimination or as he calls it “dynamic pricing.” Apparently, he has seen price increases on several books that he places in his Amazon shopping cart and leaves there for a few days. I can just hear Barnes and Noble calling up Jeff Bezos and telling him what a great idea this is because I imagine that if enough people catch wind of this, Amazon will lose alot of customers.

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0 comments on “Is Amazon Raising Prices Based on Popularity

  1. Recently, I noticed that a couple of items in my shopping carts changed prices when I didn’t buy them immediately. I couldn’t recall that ever happening before, but assumed that the price just went up (it was still more than 30% off) because the “sale” was over. But now that the concept of dynamic pricing has been brought up, I’ll be paying attention to see if it happens again.

  2. Well, that explains why my prices are moving too. I’ve never had them go down, that’s for sure.

    I definitely load my shopping cart and then hold off on buying for a while. Maybe I won’t do that anymore.

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