Fictionwise May Consider Second Release Date.

The last two weeks, I noticed that my Fictionwise newsletter was coming on Tuesdays instead of Monday. Further, the new releases were actually new and not a week late. Fictionwise ordinarily releases new books on Monday causing Fictionwise customers to wait nearly a full week to read the release. This never made much sense to me as part of the benefit of ebooks is the immediate gratification. I emailed the president of Fictionwise, Scott Pendergrast, (whose I email I found via Google and not because I have any connections), to ask if FINALLY Fictionwise had changed its release date. His answer was no, but they are considering it.

So please, please, please, email Fictionwise and let them know that you want your new releases when they are actually NEW. You can Google the email for Mr. Pendergrast or email Fictionwise at


0 comments on “Fictionwise May Consider Second Release Date.

  1. I noticed too but that’s only because of the holidays falling on Mondays. It’s nice to actually see ebooks released on the day it’s released and not a week later. I’ll email my thoughts, no doubt. Later.

  2. Fictionwise still does it’s “Monday” only publish but now you can “pre-order” ebooks that are released later that week. This benefits our members cause we always have a Monday only “rapid rebate” that does apply to he pre-orders.

    When you pre-order an ebook, it simply becomes available in your bookshelf as soon as the publisher officially releases it. Thanks.

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