REVIEW: Edge of Sweetness by Anya Bast

Dear Ms. Bast:

Edge of SweetnessThis is a novella and when I first saw its release, despite my general appreciation for your work, I delayed in purchasing it because of its short length. However after trying to read a few other erotic romances and being disappointed, I broke down and bought it. Silly me. I should have known that it would be a good read with great sex between two likeable characters.

Ben is in NY for a business trip when he locks eyes with a woman and is intrigued, maybe more than intrigued but the moment passes when she walks away. About six months later, he returns to NY to work on a business deal and to meet Cindy, a woman he met online, to initiate her into the BDSM world. Ben had gained a reputation, both locally and online, for being a trusted Dom. Most of the women he had been with lately looked for very short term encounters and Ben has been feeling dissatisfied with his sexual lifestyle. At the hotel he smells the perfume of the woman he had spotted those 6 months ago.

Savannah, just out of a messy marriage, is looking for . . . something and she believes that maybe Ben can provide that for her. She propositions Ben and he immediately takes her up on the invitation.

“Peace is hard to find,” she murmured. “Can you put me in a place where I can't think anymore? Can you do that for me tonight?”

He paused for a moment, considering her words. “I can do that,” he answered. “If you'll trust me.”

Whether I actually believe that this is a true BDSM story I can’t make up my mind. It’s a bit too tame compared to Joey Hill, but as an erotic romance, it’s fulfilling. Savannah is a broken in self esteem and self worth and she finds, through this experience, more confidence and belief in herself. The fact that this type of storyline isn’t my favorite but still satisfying is a real testament to your writing. The novella doesn’t try to do too much and because of that it succeeds as a sweet, very sexy novella. B.

The book can be bought at Ellora’s Cave and read the excerpt.


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  1. I read this one and it was good, about a B from me too. Ms. Bast has a cover up for her new mm paperback at her website and I will be getting it when it comes out.

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