Daily deals

I think that one sign that you have made it is when you get a book about your books sold. It’s like fan fiction, only non fiction fan fiction.

Lois McMaster Bujold’s THE BUJOLD COMPANION, with editors Lillian Steward Carl and Tekno Books, a retrospective, to Antonia Weisskopf at Baen Books, by Eleanor Wood at Spectrum Literary Agency (world English).

Jayne, you interested?
Hawk and the Dove medieval trilogy author Penelope Wilcock’s The CLEAR LIGHT OF DAY, a story that follows a middle-aged Methodist minister who takes refuge in her new posting to the seaside hamlet of Wiles Green, to Andrea Christian at Cook Communications, in a nice deal, by Chip MacGregor at MacGregor Literary (NA).


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  1. I’ve read most of Bujold’s backlist, except a couple of novels that don’t fit into her Vorkosigan or Chalion worlds. I’ll probably buy The Bujold Companion to see what I missed as I read and get inside scoop and/or analysis.

  2. I have the Outlander Companion and have never opened it–LOL. My local indie bookseller has the Nora Companion as a reference books for customers.

    I’d be interested in The Clear Light of Day

  3. I think I might have trouble resisting THE BUJOLD COMPANION, although I haven’t read this type of book before, that I can remember.

    Though if I ever reread one of Dorothy Dunnett’s series, I will probably pick up her companion books.

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