Juno Press Releases Anthology of the “Best” Paranormal Romance Voices

Paula Guran edited an anthology featuring romances “that incorporate sueprnatural, fantasy or SF elements.” The authors included are probably of whose who of fantasy/sci fi authors such as Catherine Asaro, Elizabeth Hand, and Elizabeth Bear but only a few of the stories will end with a standard HEA.

A few of these “stories of love and wonder” end with a standard HEA (romance-speak for “happily ever after”), but all avoid cliche.

Publisher’s Weekly states that the introduction by Guaran discusses the rise of paranormal romances and what is and is not paranormal romance. Via Paula Guaran’s blog.

I’d be interested in reading the anthology and the introduction but the idea that only a few of the “romances” end with an HEA is a bit disturbing to this romance reader. I have my own ideas about what is paranormal romance and somehow I suspect that it is not in concert with Ms. Guran’s. Tomorrow, I’m ranting blogging about how mislabeling of romances will hurt the new author.


0 comments on “Juno Press Releases Anthology of the “Best” Paranormal Romance Voices

  1. It sounds to me like an urban fantasy anthology that focuses on romantic love. I can’t help but think that the title of the anthology is an attempt to cash in on the paranormal romance genre’s current success. That said, I’ve enjoyed some of the SF and fantasy authors whose stories are in this anthology, and I’m tempted to give the book a try, regardless of the lack of HEAs.

  2. Janine – that’s my issue too. I am interested in it, but I do think it is an attempt to take advantage of the romance buying public by foisting something on them that just doesn’t fit the regularly accepted understanding of a romance today.

  3. Okay, I’ve read this, and am getting ready to review it this week. I have my own idea as well of what Paranormal Romance should be – and this? This aint really it, IMO. There is a rather long essay at the begining of the book that discusses the Paranormal Romance genre and I didn’t agree with much of it. Interesting reading? Yes. But not exactly how I see things. Again, JMO.

  4. Sorry Janine, I just saw this, for some reason I didn’t get a notification by e-mail that a new comment was posted. That and with the ice we’ve had in and out internet for the past 5 days. After reading the comments on that post, I would not be in the majority, but it has gotten me thinking a lot about what I look in books. I think I just may have to write a short blog post on this topic and link to that, if the Ja(y)nes wouldn’t mind.

  5. Jane,

    Thanks, I’ll get a post up on it hopefully by tomorrow. I replied to your comment, over on the blog, but so you don’t have to check, I didn’t buy either of the Juno books I have. Paula Guran sent them to me. I don’t think she’ll send me anymore since I think she was expecting more of a glowing review. But, like I said, I am but a lowly blogger, the Klausner chick dug it completely.

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