REVIEW: Alien Communion by Xandra Gregory

Dear Ms. Gregory,

What can I say but, my goodness, that was different from what I normally read. Honestly I’m not even sure what caught my attention in the book blurb. I guess I thought this might be some kind of alien mild meld, meeting of two different cultures kind of thing. Well, it’s that and a whole lot of sex more. And since everybody needs to read a two-cocked alien story once in her life and I figured I’d better get cracking.

Dr. Rayne Warren is among the scientists who’ve been chosen to meet with the aliens who have finally openly contacted Earth. They’ve been abducting Earthlings to study for years, Rayne among them, but now are ready for full contact. As it were. Rayne’s field of study is the clinical analysis of human sexuality. And since the aliens seem to have a more openly sexual culture, Rayne is thrilled at the chance to study them. She’s never found fulfillment in any human sexual relationships and as she watches informational DVDs of the aliens’ mating practices, she can’t help but wonder if she could find it with one of them. Imagine, making love with a male who looks and is build like that. Oooohhhhh.

On her next visit to the alien spaceship, Rayne sees the cousin of one of the female aliens she’s come to know during during her abductions. To put it mildly, Rayne thinks he’s hot and is surprised to learn that he’s not taken a wife. Apparently, he’s not ever found what he’s looking for in a mate either. The Alcainians have remarkably lifelike robots and Rayne offers to swap some information with her friend for a chance at a sexual encounter with one. She’s thrilled to finally experience a full orgasm but comes away from it still saddened by the thought that she’ll never feel that intense pleasure again as there’s no chance that the Alcainis would leave her a robot much less that she could ever have a relationship with a real Alcaini male.

It’s later that evening after her sexual encounter that Rayne discovers the fact that certain people in the scientific and military populations fear the Alcainis are here to take over Earth. To thwart that, they decide to inject Rayne with a chemical virus designed to destroy the aliens. Terrified that she’ll bring death to the Alcainis, Rayne escapes them and discovers just who exactly it was she was making love with earlier, Tai’en, her alien friend’s cousin. In fact, he’s come to claim her as his mate. But will they be able to stop the virus from killing all the aliens and can these two forge a relationship despite being from different worlds and having different anatomy?

Wow, two cocked aliens with chameleon skin (always with the capacity for DP sex), empathic group sex, bondage sex, spanking sex, threesomes (with possibility of QP sex), public sex, sex to save humanity and alien worlds, forked tongues that act like Waring blenders when inserted in a certain part of the female anatomy…this one’s got it all. Alas, it’s based kind of on the fated mate mentality. I couldn’t find any real reason given for these two to get together beyond the fact that neither has found a mate on his/her own world. “We’re exclusive! We haven’t found the loves of our lives! Wow! We must be fated and in lurve! Plus we have great sex.” Are these reasons good enough to make Rayne want to leave her planet, venture into a totally alien world in which you explain she’ll have few rights and be viewed suspeciously by the Alcainis? OK, it’s your world but I wouldn’t buy into it.

Another question about something I’ve noticed a lot in other books too: Why do all contemporary earthlings begin to speak in slang and idioms when around aliens or people from earth’s past in TT plots? As soon as they come into contact with these people, they’re firing off every slang turn of phrase you authors can fit into the dialogue. Is it to show up the differences between them? After your descriptions of the aliens and their sexual positions, I get that they’re not Earthlings.

Then there’s the tired standard that all the heroine needs is two huge cocks to let her sexuality loose and become a “full” woman. Up until then, she’s never felt complete as a woman but after only one 15 minute encounter, she’s raring to go. Though, unlike the story that Bam reviewed, the heroine won’t *always* have to get it anally as hero seems to be capable of either dual or single action response. Though the sex scenes shown mostly use dual action it’s nice that they have options!

I think the story works better on the erotica level though I give you credit for trying to craft an actual story plot to weave around the sex scenes. And you do include a lot of those and many different variations. B for the erotic elements and C for the rest.


Alien Communion can be purchased through Liquid Silver Books.

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  1. Well the size would certainly be a male fantasy. When she first sees a picture of a naked male alien, the heroine starts to hum the old baseball song, “Take me out to the ballgame, …” to herself.

    Wouldn’t men have a fantasy about a alien female who can split into two or more women during sex?

  2. that reminds me: with the seemingly obligatory buttsecks and orgy scenes we’ve been seeing in the erotic romance world lately, um… I really, really, FERVENTLY hope that DVDA doesn’t become a trend.

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