Simon & Schuster Lists Several EC Anthologies for Sale

Ellora\'s CaveI found, in browsing the Simon & Schuster website, a listing for Taming Him: Ellora’s Cave by Kimberly Dean and Michelle M. Pillow and Summer Devon. Price is $14.00. There are nine books listed when you do a search for Ellora’s Cave. I spoke with Simon & Schuster about this and received preliminary information that the deal currently is for 10 books and almost all will be anthologies. I did tell the publicist that many readers were anxious to read the Lora Leigh Breed books.

I’ve asked many questions regarding the distribution deal such as whether there will be actual print runs; where the books can be found; how many books will be involved; and how the books were chosen. I hope to have more information later.

edited to add: Sybil informs me this is old news. 🙂


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  1. It’s my understanding that all of these books were created from novellas that were originally released in ebook from Ellora’s Cave but not in print. So 30 authors/novellas were chosen and the release dates have been planned out for some time.

  2. ;o) Yep, old news. The first antho was released in November, titled all she wants. They didn’t release one in December, but there’s another due out every month until this fall.

    And yes, they are ebooks that haven’t been in print before, maybe with one or two exceptions. The story I have in All She Wants was originallu in print with another Christmas story I wrote, but only for a few months. Once this deal was made, they pulled it.

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