Ford’s response to the racist Chevrolet ads

This is not at all book related but I will work hard to make it so. While football is my favorite sport, the one thing I’ll be grateful for at the end of the football season is the constant montage of white people in the Chevrolet “Our Country” ads. Apparently, in the midwest, “Our Country” does not include anyone who is not white and does not wear an apron. So Ford, in their inestimable wisdom, is attempting to capture the crowd that is offended by these ads. You know, people whose skin color is different than Henry VIII’s. And no, I am not talking about the white guy featured on this cover (pay attention this cover, though, it’s relevant later on).

Jalopnik provides a video of the Ford commercial catering to the just married Asian American and received expert commentary on the appeal to Asians from noted naked blogger and Asian American spokesperson, Jason Chen, of Gizmodo. (Those that don’t frequent Gizmodo may not realize that Mr. Chen enjoys sticking his electronics down his pants).

Ray Wert: Jason, focus here. I mean, he’s Asian-American (or maybe just Asian) and you’re Asian-American. You guys should know each other, right?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: I’ve been a little busy with blogging so I’ve missed the last few of our Asian American club meetings

Ray Wert: Yeah, I mean all you Asian-American people — you’re all the same, right?

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Oh yeah, totally

Jason Chen, AA Expert: In fact, that was me in the ad. I didn’t want to say anything


Ray Wert: Well, thank you for your time Jason. I’m sure the Asian-American people were glad to have you acting as their homogenous representative today.

Jason Chen, AA Expert: Not a problem. They always are. And if they have a problem with it they can take it up at the next meeting.

The comments, oh the comments, are the best:

By Davy G:

As an American of Irish descent, I am irrtated that our only representation in advertising tends to be leprechauns or people showering. Can’t a poor Mick have a hope of getting married one day? Ladies, I’ve got a pot of gold and a bar of soap. Anyone? Anyone?

Al Navarro

Papercut-My actual wedding scenario was me getting married to a woman who is so white, when we vacationed the Philippines and visited my relatives in the provinces people thought she was a ghost. True story.

See, relevancy re: the aforementioned white guy/black ghost on the cover of the book?

and the response by PapercutNinja:

Davey all your people smell like waterfalls and whiskey. Good luck on landing a woman that’s into that.

Al- Do ghosts in the Phillipines have weird powers? In Chinese mythology ghosts can only hop. It’ll be hilarious if i ever bring my girlfriend back to the home country.

I can only wonder why more hopping ghosts haven’t found their way into paranormal romances. What are the authors waiting for?

0 comments on “Ford’s response to the racist Chevrolet ads

  1. I’ll have you know that filipino ghosts DO have special powers. Some of them have long tongues. They perch on the roof of houses, unroll the long tongue, and suck out the babies through the mommy’s stomach.

  2. Bam, you know, talking about the long tongue… Why hasn’t some erotic romance writer used the jiang si (our version of vampire) as a character?

    I mean, long tongue! Imagine what the hero could do with it!

  3. Bam, that’s my secret writer fantasy – to write a paranormal romance featuring the manananggal (sp?). But every time I try to plot it out, I imagine a B-grade Filipino movie and it just sucks the creativity out of me. But the white lady could work. White is virginal, right?

    And speaking of hopping ghosts, as I recall, the Chinese Ghost Story movies feature quite a lot of bed hopping.

  4. I have the Chinese Ghost Story trilogy. Good stuff, man.

    Anyway, I think a “Manananggal” story would be hard to pull off, Kat, ’cause umm… the woman separates from the lower half of her body and… umm… well, what kind of erotic romance would it be if she didn’t have her vagina?

    I suppose the hero could find the lower half of her body and have sex with it. eww.

  5. I suppose the hero could find the lower half of her body and have sex with it. eww.

    Huh. I think I’ve read that novel. *g*

    Is this the story that started the general misunderstanding white men have about asian women’s private parts?

    I’m not sure. I’ve only ever fast-forwarded to the rude bits so I can’t say I’m all that familiar with the plot. But now I’m curious…what sort of misunderstanding would that be???

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