Romance Novel TV: Pretty Cool

Sybil sent me a link to a new romance site called Romance NovelTV. It has interviews with Nora Roberts and Eloisa James currently and looks, well, very professional. I wonder who is backing it?

By Jane Litte

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  1. Because, you know, I am very bored and need to procrastinate, I went to Whois, and it turns out that the registrant of the domain is Lock-In Productions, but I can’t find anything else about them online. Well, one site says that Lock-In’s clients include HBO and other big names, and I found a site that appears to have Lock-In’s phone number and address.

    Ya think I’m going to make a good PI?

  2. The site doesn’t appear to be Mac-friendly either on FireFox or Safari because I don’t get anything but a blank screen and links that aren’t hot. I, too, am very curious and would love to know more about it.

  3. Sandy – Eloisa James is on the advisory board according to her message board. You may want to email her and let her know that you can’t access the vids. None of the links are “live” yet. I think the official opening date of the site is February 14.

  4. Wow! That’s SO cool! I enjoyed all the interviews, and I can’t wait to see more. Thanks, Sybil and DA, for the heads-up.

    p.s. LOL, May! I think you would make a good PI!

  5. It’s working today so I’m glad the Mac thing isn’t a problem. This could be an interesting site — if it isn’t just author promotion, that is.

  6. Coming out of lurk mode to say Sybil is right, RomanceNovel.TV is great.

    Over the weekend, Cathy Maxwell, Sophia Nash and I filmed a few segments for RomanceNovel.TV. They are very professional, and very pro-Romance. Marisa, the producer really prepares for the segments–she read our books beforehand, loves romance novels and asked incredibly intelligent questions. Aside from our individual interviews, we filmed a Romance Author version of The View. Or maybe Coffee Talk. We were having so much fun I never really knew when the cameras were rolling and when they weren’t.

    The site officially launches on Valentine’s Day. They’ve interviewed a number of authors already. Oh, I want Ruth Glick/Rebecca York’s recipe featured on her segment. Ruth is an incredible cook!


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