Daily deals

Tiffany Baker’s THE LITTLE GIANT OF ABERDEEN COUNTY, pitched as Wally Lamb meets Elizabeth McCracken, about a girl who grows physically and emotionally beyond her small town’s wildest expectations, to Caryn Karmatz Rudy at Warner, in a significant deal, in a pre-empt, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (world).

Hmm. I mean, what’s the point of having Sarah Ferguson as the “author” when it is written by someone else and not a memoir?
Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s HARTMOOR, a historical novel written with novelist Laura Van Wormer, to Sally Richardson and Hope Dellon at St. Martin’s, for publication in winter 2008, by Peter Sawyer of the Fifi Oscard Agency and Loretta Barrett (world).

One for Jayne to order from Overseas
Michelle Willingham’s HER IRISH WARRIOR, a debut, to Joanne Carr at Harlequin Mills & Boon, by Carolyn Grayson at the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency.

Sounds like a Da Vinci Code like book. I didn’t realize that George Lucas was into publishing.
Martin Langfield’s THE MALICE BOX, in which a group of former college friends use the riddles contained inside a copper puzzle box to find a series of keys that will disarm an arcane weapon, hidden for centuries through conspiracy and intrigue, to Jessica Case at Pegasus, for publication in September 2007, by George Lucas at Inkwell Management.

Wherein the Mexican rebel, the daughter and the father all become born again and lay down their weapons to live in peace and harmony.
Leather & Lace and Nebraska Legacy author Diann Mills’s AWAKEN MY HEART, telling the unlikely love story between a 17-year-old wealthy rancher’s daughter and the infamous Mexican rebel leader who is fighting her father, to Cynthia DiTiberio at Avon Inspire, by Janet Kobobel Grant at Books & Such Literary

Wherein the Brides of the West serve as missionaries along the Oregon Trail and everyone becomes born again and lay down their weapons to live in peace and harmony.
The Brides of the West series author Lori Copeland’s SCHOOLMARMS, following three female cousins who become schoolteachers and travel to different parts of the country to support their family back home in Utah, to Cynthia DiTiberio at Avon Inspire, for publication in summer 2008, by Evan Marshall at the Evan Marshall Agency (world).

Wherein the spirited clan heiress and the accursed man of the highlands lay down together to live in peace and harmony.
USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s LADY FOR A KNIGHT, about a spirited clan heiress whose yearning for passion won’t be denied – even when family honor demands she wed the most accursed man in the Highlands, to Karen Kosztolnyik at Warner Forever, in a two-book deal, by Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency (World).

Wherein the bibilical Deborah (don’t remember her very well) tries to shape her own destiny but fails to recognize she lives in the Old Testament where women were parceled out to men in exchange for sheep and grain and when your spouse died, you had to follow your mother in law around forever!
Eva Etzioni-Halevy’s untitled novel about the biblical Deborah, the third of the author’s novels about strong women from the Old Testament who were determined to shape their own lives and destinies, to Ali Bothwell Mancini at Plume, in a nice deal, by Judith Riven at Judith Riven Literary Agent (NA).

The last book is the fantasy of every single mother.
Janice Sims’s THREE WISHES, in which a young attorney learns the woman who gave her up for adoption is a famous actress; LOVE OVERBOARD, in which a geologist’s discovery of oil off the coast of Florida puts her life in jeopardy; and A LITTLE MOONLIGHT, in which a single mother finds herself pursued by two rich, powerful men, to Evette Porter at Kimani, by Sha-Shana Crichton of Crichton & Associates.

It must be inspy week.
Pat Simmons’s GUILTY OF LOVE, about a woman who eventually realizes she can’t fix her past mistakes, and God’s solution is to dump her guilt on Him, and TALK TO ME, to Urban Christian, in a nice deal (world).

Collabs are hot.
Cheyenne McCray and Jennifer Ashley’s SEDUCTION, to Linda Wisdom at Illusion, in a nice deal.


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