Harry Potter in the Nude

I don’t know why the idea of seeing Harry Potter’s dongle bothers me, but it does. I must be a prude. Jane, the PRUDE.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “Harry Potter in the Nude

  1. LOL (and ick). I saw this mentioned all over the place today and it just seems . . . wrong. More power to the young actor, I suppose, for trying to avoid HP stereotying in his career, but Equus? And I really didn’t need to see quite such a *hairy* Harry. 8-P

  2. I had a really long email conversation with my sister about thie photos — is it squicky? if so why? is it different from older men ogling Britney Spears, etc. Background: sis writes HP fanfic and moderates a ff forum. There are members of the forum who were using their vacation time to go to London to see Dan Radcliffe in Equus. There was lots of squeeing on the forums when the promo photos were release.

    Personally, when I look at Dan Radcliffe, I see my cousin (same age, same 1st name) and there’s just nothing sexy there.

  3. I had read about this awhile ago and blocked it from my brain. Luckily, my retinas detached when I clicked the link so I couldn’t see the play even if I wanted to! Jane I happily join you in being a prude…

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