DearAuthor Is a Member of Blogburst

In the interest of full disclosure, you may be seeing more of DearAuthor around the ‘net. DearAuthor was accepted as a member of Blogburst which republishes blog material at sites like Rueters, USA Today and SF Gate. Today, you can see Jayne’s review of What A Gentleman Wants at Austin American Statesman website as well as here at DearAuthor.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “DearAuthor Is a Member of Blogburst

  1. Thanks but I don’t know how often we’ll be picked up. It’s completely up to the publisher. Since our approval in December, we’ve had 4 reviews picked up (3 by Reuters) and two other “newsie” items. So it’s about a once a week deal, but it is very cool to us.

    Anyone can be a member by submitting their blog to blogburst. When I first thought about it, I researched it online. Some people don’t like it because it does not direct people to the site and therefore the blogs may lose ad revenue. Because we don’t do ads, I figured there was no harm.

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