REVIEW: Kink by Saskia Walker and Sasha White

Dear Ms. Walker:


I started this story and then could not get past the first chapter or the hook and flipped to Sasha’s story. I came back to finish it, about the time we were having the DNF dilemna and I couldn’t make it past the fifth chapter and rather than forcing myself, I gave up.

Kelly sneaks past security after a concert of a major rock musician and makes her way to his dressing room with the intent to get her best friend an autograph. While all other groupies are cleared out, Kelly remains hidden and is privy to a sight she shouldn’t be seeing: That is the rock star and a roadie begin to engage in serious love play. A bouncer eventually finds her and takes her off to sexually punish her (much to Kelly’s delight). Kelly and Tommy, the bouncer, have emotional hangups. Tommy’s looking for the barefeet, aproned girl next door and Kelly doesn’t want her heartbroken like her mother’s had been.

What? Usually this is about the time that said groupie gets killed and a police investigation starts up. One problem I have is that in erotic romances, I can’t suspend all my disbelief for the sake of the sex. So, I guess it’s a INYIM grade. (It’s Not You It’s Me – tm Kristie J). I got to a point in the book where Kelly seeks out Tommy’s contact details by jumping in a cab with the rock star. Here is where I gave up because I just could not imagine a rock star not being surrounded by paparazzi and fans such that someone could just hop into his cab. DNF.

Dear Ms. White

I remember way back when you offered this up as an ARC. I told you I had been anthologied out and didn’t think I could give a fair reading to your story. Then I read the excerpt on your website and thought, “oh no, a cheating wife. I’m not sure I’m up for that.” and so I told you no. But then, Berkley sent this book and I thought, what the heck. So glad I did because it is a marriage in trouble story (a theme I love) and generally, the couple worked through their marital issues.

Bethany feels like her marriage is becoming stale. Her husband is working long hours and has little time for her. Grant always made of her feel sexy, wanted, desirable. With him away, Bethany starts to drift. Not physically, but emotionally. She engages in public self satisfaction, titillated by the public indecency. Grant catches her and is hurt and angry. To her delight, her waywardness is rewarded by Grant taking control, in bedroom and out. However, the issues of emotional betrayal and a rebuilding of trust must take place in order for Grant and Bethany to make their marriage work.

I appreciated that the sex scenes advanced the plot. It always makes them more exciting, more real. I also appreciated seeing the troubled marriage right itself and that you avoided an easy, gratuitous group sex engagement that other erotic romances authors find necessary. The sex scenes, both the self pleasuring ones and the couple scenes, were steamy.

Where I thought the book could have been stronger is a self realization by Bethany regarding the fact that she needed certain type of attention in order to be satisfied (i.e., it appeared that Grant or some kind of male affirmation was necessary for her to feel good about herself) and more of a discussion regarding Bethany's emotional betrayal. I felt that she got off a little easy by Grant who was clearly hurt by her actions. Perhaps a full length novel could have presented a more rich emotional story. It was still a satisfying read and I can definitely say I won't turn down any future offers to read your books because the three stories I have read have presented enough additional character issues beyond the sex to make the reads interesting. B-


By Jane Litte

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  1. Marg – Two of my favorites are oop category romances: Emilie Richards, The Trouble with Joe and Judith Duncan’s Better than Before. Duncan’s book is probably my favorite. The heroine gets pregnant by her boyfriend as a high school student. The best friend offers to marry her. They marry and fall in love with each other. They have a great marriage, but when the 20
    year class reunion comes around and they both have to face the old flame, the marriage falters.

  2. I just wanted to say, on some of your comments on Ms. Walker’s story, that things are different in the UK. “Rock stars” there don’t necessarily have the hordes of bodyguards, nor are they necessarily followed by packs of papparazi (is that how you spell that?). They do have private moments and are much more approachable in the way that she writes about than our equivalent.
    Also, I think you have to recognize that if women in the real world did the things that women do in romances, playing with bad boys, walking the streets at night and having sex with the creature of the night, well, they wouldn’t last long. This isn’t real life, it’s life like we’d like it to be. Yeah, I’d be the one trying to sneak back stage if life were as safe as a book.

    Ms. White’s story was okay, but I agree that the woman got off too easily. For me, that story had all the things in it that bugged you about the other one. I guess it all boils down to personal taste.

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