REVIEW: Seduced by Twilight Anya Bast

Dear Ms. Bast:

Seduced by Twilight Anya BastThis is the second book that I read of yours but am just now posting the review. How timely! Not. But really, since the thing around blogland is threesomes, this is the totally on topic. The thing is that when I had read the book, Keishon had reviewed it and said everything that I would have said. I thought, well, one review for the blog world is enough. Now I realize that it’s fun to read opinions of the same book or maybe I just want to talk about the books that I like a little more than books I don’t. This story and its sequel have essentially the same effect. They are both strong, emotionally satisfying romances with really hot sex scenes. It’s what I am looking for in erotic romance.

Mason and Will are Gaelan warriors, individuals who try to keep the peace between

They are busy trying to track down a big bad when one of the leaders appears and tells them that their “seer” has been found. A seer is someone that completes the triad between the two warriors and as a triad they can finally exercise a full complement of powers.

The seer is Olivia Castle.

Olivia Castle is a human who has begun to see visions of things she does not understand. She begins to wonder if she is going insane. Will and Mason show up to try to slowly seduce her along with trying to convince her that she is the element that completes them all. Olivia is not afraid of her sexuality and isn’t ashamed to admit that the idea of being the center of some hot manwich has her hoping that crazy is the new black.

In all seriousness, Olivia displays appropriate reactions to Will and Mason’s revelations. She’s very scared of her newfound ability to see otherworldy things. She’s nervous about the type of relationship Will and Mason want, but she is also quite turned on. Will and Mason have shared women in the past, but because of the emotional connection they are quite jealous of each other at times over Olivia showing affection for one over the other.

The focus of the story is really on the characters and the need to convince Olivia of the bond between the three of them. The jealousy by the two men seemed believable but was romantic when they were able to set it aside knowing that the three of them were stronger as a unit.

World building is weak and serves merely as a vehicle to explain the need for the threesome, but the character driven romance is strong enough to carry the book. The threesome explored not only sexual intimacy but emotional intimacy dealing with natural emotions such as jealousy, sacrifice and commitment. Not to mention I had to fan myself through the greater part of the book. Holy cow. B+.

Best regards


By Jane Litte

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