REVIEW: Convert Ms Reader Files into eBookwise Compatible Formats

Harm's HungerA few weeks ago I promised I would do a step by step instruction guide for converting various ebook formats into eBookwise. This conversion guide works for those who just want to get an html file out of an Ms Reader ebook. I used a non secure MS Reader book: Patrice Michelle’s Harms Hunger.

    How to:

  • Download the ebook and make note of where the file is located. My downloads go to my “Desktop”
  • Download the Convert Lit Gui program.
  • Go to the location where you downloaded it. It should be in a “zip” file and you will need to “extract” the contents. This is done by right clicking and choosing “extract all.”
  • Extract All

  • This will bring up the “Welcome to the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction wizard. Press “Next”.
  • Press Next

  • Select the destination. I like to extract things to the Desktop. Press “Next”.
  • Press Next

  • Click “Finish”.
  • Finish

A window will open and your extracted contents will show one file. This is the ConvertLit GUI Install program. Double click on the icon.

Convertlit GUI

  • Tell ConvertLit where to install the program. I just go with the default. Click Next.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • This gives you the option of installing a shortcut to the “start” menu. Click Install.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • Look at the check boxes. You can have the program start when you finish and the readme to open. Your choice. Click Finish.
  • Convertlit GUI

Now you have ConvertLit GUI installed. Next we are going to run Converlit GUI. Open the ConvertLit Program.

  • Make sure the tab Extract is selected. It is usually selected by default.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • Select .lit file(s). This is the location where you downloaded the file in step 1. Highlight the file you want to convert.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • Select output folder. Where do you want the converted file to go? It can be the same place as where you saved the folder. I like to save the file to my desktop.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • Make sure that “create filename subfolders for extracted files” is checked. If you check the box next to “open folder after extraction”, the folder where the extracted files go will open automatically. Then press Extract
  • Convertlit GUI

  • If it was successful, you should get this message:
  • Convertlit GUI

    (if there is an error, it didn’t extract correctly).

There should be a folder that contains the files you just extracted. The folder will be the name of the book you extracted. A couple will be image files. One should be the book itself. One will be “Open eBook Package File” which will have the name of the book BIBHarmsHunger and the “extension” OPF.

Convertlit GUI

Now we are going to change the extracted files into a file that can be read on the eBookwise reader.

  • Open the conversion program. I use Ebookwise librarian. Drag the “Opf” file onto the Ebookwise Librarian screen. A window will automatically open showing the title of the book, author. Here you can designate the “category” or genre.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • Press Okay. It may show a bunch of errors but as long as the bottom says “Processing Successful” you are good to go. Press the X to close the window.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • A new book should appear in the converter program window. Now “view” the file.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • As you can see the converted file here has some problems.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • I had to open the “htm” file and do a search and replace to get the weird code out. I then saved it and redid the conversion process.
  • Convertlit GUI

  • Now, to get that book onto your Ebookwise, you simply right click on the book that you want to send to your Ebookwise and choose from the options. You can highlight several books and right click.
  • Convertlit GUI

    Convertlit GUI

That’s it. It really takes under a minute to do this whole conversion process. It works for both secure MS Reader books and non secure ones. Let me know if there were areas that you wish I had more pictures for or more explanation for future guides.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “REVIEW: Convert Ms Reader Files into eBookwise Compatible Formats

  1. Just anote, if you don’t want the weird symbols, click advanced when you are converting and that twealks the html and usually no weird stuff comes up, though I haven’t used the program you’re using so I don’t know if it puts the weird stuff in or not.

  2. The detailed instructions are great. I struggled to do the conversions last summer and was aided by info/responses on AAR. Your info is a much needed stop-by-step tutorial for the notso computer savvy reader such as I.

    I enjoy reading your site, Ja(y)nes. Thank you.

  3. Ok. Clearly I should never post before coffee and when I’m distracted. Too many typos and not enough detail. You click advanced in the part of the conversion when you are using the Ebookwise Librarian software.

  4. Wow, this is invaluable! Thank you both Sarah and Ja(y)ne for helping out with several problems I’ve been having! When it works it’s so much fun, I think I’ll have to go buy a couple of ebooks at EC. Since I’ve been looking at your “Promises” books one of them will be yours, Sarah. 🙂

  5. This is awesome, Jane! Sarah’s been trying to get me to buy an eBookwise. I’m bookmarking this so I’ll know how to do the conversions once I get one. That’s so cool you used Harm’s story as an example! 🙂

  6. Now if you can only come up with a really easy way to convert your PDFs to RTFs… (hmm) One that doesn’t involve a million steps and having to reformat the whole damned thing, I mean. 🙂

  7. Bam- if you open any unsecured PDF in acrobat reader 8, free program) it has a save as text option. Then you just open it in word and it’s all fine with no funky symbols or anything.

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