I’m an Ass

After reading Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven, I went to Erica Orloff’s site to see what was coming next. It was a young adult book called, High School Bites authored by Liza Conrad (a pseudonym for Erica Orloff). I emailed her and asked if I could get an early look at it. She graciously complied and I . . . don’t know what happened. I came across the book this weekend buried in a cabinet with a bunch of other books. I felt like an idiot and wrote a mea culpa email. I’ll be reviewing the book tomorrow and later in the week Blood Son, Orloff’s February Nocturne release.

To make up for my totally huge faux pas, I am going to give away two of the hard copy of High School Bites (please US only) and three ebook copies of Blood Son (to anyone). To win, simply be one of the first five to comment with your preferred book choice.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “I’m an Ass

  1. I hate getting a book then forgetting completely about it! Or actually what happens in my case, is my mischievous boys decide to go to the “bookstore” and my books end up in the playroom with sticky apple juice on the covers…grr. I’m a YA fan, I’d love a copy of High School Bites.

  2. I would love a copy of HS Bites to be sent to my friend’s daughter (Melani Blazer’s daughter) since I think she’s the intended audience and would appreciate it more than me, no matter how much I love Erica Orloff’s writing. Can I do that?

  3. Tina and Angie – Send me your snail mails for where you want the book to go.

    Mary, Phyl and Curlyq – send me your email and I’ll send you the fictionwise gift certificate for the book.

    jane at dearauthor.com

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