Daily deals

Sounds like a lot of characters for one book
Linda Wisdom’s CURSES, SPOILED AGAIN, about a 700-year-young banished witch who gets paid to eliminates curses in modern-day LA, until her former lover, a vampire cop, recruits her to help discover the connection between missing vampires and a once famous horror film star, to Deb Werksman at Sourcebooks, plus the first in the Witches Gone Wild series, by Laurie McLean at Larsen/Pomada Literary Agents (world).

Lisa McMann’s debut JANIE HANNAGAN: Dream Catcher, about a teenager who finds herself being sucked into other people’s dreams and the secretive boy who helps her deal with her emerging powers, to Jennifer Klonsky at Simon Pulse, by Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (world).

I stopped reading this series for some reason.
Rachel Caine’s three more books in the author’s popular Weather Warden urban fantasy series, to Liz Scheier at Roc, in a nice deal, by Lucienne Diver of Spectrum Literary Agency (NA).

This sounds quite funny.
William Sutcliffe’s WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY, the story of three women, friends for years, who meet every month to commiserate over their useless and out-of-touch 30-something sons — and decide to show up on their respective doorsteps for an unannounced week-long visit, with humorous, disastrous, and poignant results, to Amanda Katz at Bloomsbury and Mike Jones at Bloomsbury UK, by Felicity Rubinstein at Lutyens & Rubinstein (world English).

The titles to these books are awesome
BITTER IS THE NEW BLACK and BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG ASS author Jen Lancaster’s third book, PRETTY FAT: One Narcissist’s Quest to Discover If Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big; Or, Why Pie Is Not the Answer, the story of the heretofore-unabashedly-plus-sized Jen’s quest to lose fifty
pounds in six months by any means possible, to Kara Cesare at NAL, for six figures, by Kate Garrick at DeFiore and Company (NA).

I read somewhere else about Meg Cabot’s desire to brainwash even younger children. Is there no end to her nefarious plans?
Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot’s ALLIE FINKLE’S RULES FOR GIRLS series, for readers 8-12, for publication beginning in spring 2008, and two teen trilogies, AIRHEAD and ABANDON, a retelling of the Persephone myth, for publication beginning in 2008 and 2009 respectively, moving to Abigail McAden at Scholastic’s Point, by Laura Langlie.

I can’t read about the death of children. Too sad. Anesthesiologist Carol Wiley Cassella’s OXYGEN, a psychological suspense novel about an anesthesiologist who has a child die while under her care, to Marysue Rucci at Simon & Schuster, in a pre-empt, for publication in spring 2008, in a two-book deal, by Kim Witherspoon and David Forrer at Inkwell Management (world English).

This is classified as a romance but it sounds either a) women’s fiction or b) erotica. How else are you fitting in 4 romances?
CJ Lyons’s ARRIVALS, about four female emergency room health professionals and the men in their lives, to Shannon Jamieson-Vazquez at Berkley, by Anne Hawkins at John Hawkins & Associates.

This is another classified as a romance. I’ve never heard of Norilana Books
Modean Moon’s EVERMORE, A LITTLE PEACE AND QUIET and THE COVENANT, to Vera Nazarian at Norilana Books.

Aren’t there some bloggers who love this author? Must make a note of her name. Kate Seaver is a former Dorchester editor.
Yasmine Galenorn’s book about the trio of half-human, half-faerie Sisters of the Moon who continue their battle against the demon lord who’s out to take over both Earth and Otherworld, to Kate Seaver at Berkley, by Meredith Bernstein.

Julia London wrote about a trophy wife finding herself.
What a Girl Wants author Kristin Billerbeck’s THE TROPHY WIVES CLUB, the story of an unwitting trophy wife who is left with few life skills that relate to the real world and a sense of amnesia about who she used to be when her LA producer husband walks out on her, to Cynthia DiTiberio at Avon Inspire, by Jeana Ledbetter at Yates & Yates.

This has got to be another erotica novella
Janice Maynard’s LOVE POTION #10, in which three cousins who own a cosmetics shop love to rate the men who come into their shop from one to ten, but when they accidentally create a love potion, each of them finds they have magically snared a #10 of their very own, to Anne Bohner at NAL, in a nice deal, by Emily Sylvan Kim at Prospect Agency (NA).

Don’t see many Silh deals reported.
Katherine Garbera’s EUROPEAN MILLIONAIRES series, in which a Greek tycoon, a French publishing magnate, and a Spanish aristocrat who attended Oxford together find complications and love with a secret heir, a faux fiancee, and a debutante, to Natashya Wilson at Silhouette Desire, in a nice deal, in a three-book deal, by Pamela Harty of The Knight Agency.

Is Berkley the only house buying these days? It must be all that Nora money
Susan Holloway Scott’s two untitled books set in the bawdy Restoration court of King Charles II, to Claire Zion at NAL, by Meg Ruley at Jane Rotrosen Agency (NA).

Monica Jackson may think she is leaving romance but the deal news says this is a romance.
Writing as MJ King, Monica Jackson’s DEAD MAN’S HAND, the first in a debut mystery series featuring a professional poker player who gets mixed up in a rap rivalry, to Glenda Howard at Kimani, in a two-book deal, by Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger.

Is this an example of the worst Mary Sue to be published? The author is a superhero? Talk about wish fulfillment.
Grammy-nominated musician Avril Lavigne’s MAKE 5 WISHES color manga books, in which an introverted teenager gets a series of wishes granted by a demon go bad and then meets her hero — Avril Lavigne, who helps her find the courage to conquer her own personal demons, to Betsy Mitchell at Del Rey Manga, for publication in April 2007 and July 2007, by Terry McBride at Nettwerk Management (world).

By Jane Litte

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  1. I nearly dropped the Weather Wardens at book 3 (a low-point), but they got better. Much better.

    I read the first book of Yasmine Galenorn’s series, which well…Great worldbuilding, not so great characterization. It also has romance on the spine, but it is not a romance–it’s not even an important subplot.

    Vera Nazarian writes SFF.

    Norilana Books is a Los Angeles-based new independent publisher, owned and operated by Vera Nazarian since 2006. With over 50 books in print, Norilana Books specializes in beautifully packaged hardcover and trade paperback classics of world literature, quality fantasy, science fiction, romance and women’s fiction, and young adult titles. For more information visit http://www.norilana.com/

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