REVIEW: Lucy Blue, Where Are You? by Louise Harwood

Dear Mrs. Harwood,

People might say the bloom is off the roses of Chick Lit but a good one will still get me to read it. Especially if it is an English Chick Lit book. So I was quite glad to get this arc from Jane and intrigued when I realized it was going to be a darker than usual book for its genre. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as glad once I had finished reading it.

Lucy Blue made a quick decision to attend an old friend’s New Year’s Eve party in Scotland rather than spend it with her family or with the possessive boyfriend she’s finally ditched. Well, as the saying goes “repent at leisure” and Lucy’s going to have a lot of time to do just that since the airport at Inverness has been closed and the only way to get back to London in time for work the next day will be to drive 13 hours, through the snow, with a man she doesn’t know. Most of the problem is he’s so damn handsome and Lucy knows she isn’t looking her best.

But Lucy gets surprised and they end up acting on their mutual attraction. However, they had decided early on that this would be a one day fling with no phone numbers exchanged or meetings afterwards. So Lucy is surprised again when she sees posters up at her usual Tube station asking, “Lucy Blue, where are you?” After debating it with her best friend, whose own romance is slightly rocky, Lucy decides to take the plunge. When she calls the number listed, she finds out a lot more about her traveling companion than she ever bargained on and might just be on the road to finding romance at last.

When I finished the book, I felt didn’t really get to know Lucy or Jude or Luke. Why are either in love with the other? Was it love at first sigh? It just felt too quick with all action in 2 weeks. I felt I knew more about Lucy’s friend Jane’s relationship with her long term boyfriend Dillon.

And not to put to fine a point on it but the Middleton’s are not a nice family — all are slightly bizarre and Jude’s nasty reaction to Lucy being at the house for party is creepily weird. Then suddenly he’s nice and wants her to stay? And his mother turns into witch from hell for a moment. Yes, she was defending her son but and Lucy did blurt out some un-pretty truths about the family’s relationships and history but, wow, what a change from nice to ugly to nice again. I’d want out of that place right then, party or no party. And what’s with Sophia? I never really understood her role in the family drama. No matter what I felt about the son, I’m not sure I’d want to have the Middletons for in-laws.

But the thing that would really make me think twice is the more than slightly icky fact that Lucy slept with Jude then falls in love with his brother.

I enjoyed the Brit Chick lingo, I’m glad that Lucy finds happiness after her slimeball ex-boyfriend’s actions, I’m glad that Jude appears to be maturing but this is one book that didn’t leave me with a happy smile on my face. C-


By Jane Litte

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