JR Ward Ebook Spotted at EReader

Lover Awakened: A Novel Of The Black Dagger Brotherhood (Signet Eclipse) is now available in e-form. I hope that means the other Black Dagger Brotherhood books are also due to be released in e-form.

By Jane Litte

0 comments on “JR Ward Ebook Spotted at EReader

  1. My pet peeve – an ebook release starting in the middle of a series. Marketing doesn’t make sense to me. Surely, this doesn’t test the demand for this series in ebook format.

    Now I’m expecting the March release to come out in ebook format in a timely fashion. If I wait for the digital version and it doesn’t appear when everyone else is discussing the book, Signet has just cost J.R.Ward a sale. I’m only a fair-weather fan – the books are fun to read when the buzz is hot.

  2. Yay!

    I agree with the above comment. It makes no sense to have an ebook in the middle of a series. I guess Signet didn’t understand how many people like ebooks. I would rather have an ebook then the paperback version of a book. Hopefully every publisher will figure it out and make ebooks!!

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