REVIEW: I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries by Evelyn David

Dear Ms. David,

Some people can’t write short stories and some can. Count yourself among the “cans.” You pack a full story into 36 pages giving us enough information about the characters, crime and town of Lottawatah (where did you come up with that name?), that I felt right at home. One thing did confuse me a little. From the background information about Brianna Sullivan, I expected that you had written another novella or story about how she gained her psychic powers and what it was that caused her to sell her home, buy her motorhome Matilda, and hit the highways and byways to reluctantly listen to ghosts and help solve crimes. Have you done this and I just can’t find the story? And do you have further plans for Brianna that might include the handsome, doubting police detective Cooper Jackson? B for “I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries.”


By Jane Litte

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  1. Jayne,

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed “I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries.” I adore Brianna Sullivan and certainly intend to write more stories that feature her…and yes, Cooper Jackson will return. You’ll learn more about Brianna’s past in these stories.

    Lottawatah is actually a real town in Oklahoma, although the events in the story are fictional.

    My first full-length mystery, Murder Off the Books, was published this month! It has a story to keep you guessing, characters you’ll love, humor to make you laugh out loud, an adorable and adored Irish Wolfhound, and a wonderful romance. It features Mac Sullivan, Brianna’s cousin!

    Please visit my web site,, for a preview of the book, now available at Amazon and bookstores.

    Again, many thanks for your kind words! Please keep in touch – love to hear from readers.
    Evelyn David

  2. Evelyn, is your new book in ebook format? I tried the web site link and it wasn’t working. At least this morning it wasn’t. I’m gonna have to buy it for the Wolfhound alone. Go sighthounds! Though I wish it could have been a borzoi (my breed). 😉

  3. Jayne, Thanks so much for your interest.

    Murder Off the Books will be available in ebook-format at some point, but right now it’s just in print format.

    Not sure why the link isn’t working, but if you type into your browser box,, you should arrive at Evelyn’s web site.

    Maybe Whiskey, the Irish Wolfhound, should meet your borzoi!

    Thanks again, Evelyn

  4. Oh BJ is always up for meeting new friends. And Whiskey is one of the few breeds that’s taller than he is! I checked out your cafepress selections and the mugs are darling.

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