REVIEW: Tempted by Two by Anya Bast

Dear Ms. Bast:

Tempted by TwoTempted by Two is a sequel and features Miranda and Theo who appeared in Seduced by Twilight. Miranda is a counselor at a local woman’s shelter. This is not just a career for her, but a driving need. Miranda’s mother was beaten and ultimately killed by her abusive father. While Miranda has recovered and now seeks to help other women be free of domestic violence, she still shies away from permanent commitments.

Miranda has just started seeing Theo. Theo is a full blooded Tylwyth Teg, a five hundred year old fae. The only way for the Tylwith Teg to achieve full grasp of their powers is to form a triad. A triad doesn’t necessarily have to have a sexual bond but it commonly occurs when the triad involves members of the opposite sex. Theo recognizes that Miranda is his third and one that will complete him, not only bringing his powers to fruition but also fulfilling long dormant emotional needs. The problem is that Theo isn’t quite ready to impart to the third part of the triad, Marco, that Miranda has been found.

One of the things I like best about this series is that it presents two alpha males acting like alpha males. Marco and Theo are jealous of each other and of the act of sharing. They also acknowledge having feelings for other women in the past, only not to the level that they feel for Miranda. Miranda has to overcome her fear of commitment to bond with not just one man, but two, both of whom could easily break her in two.

Another thing I appreciate is that you seem to anticipate the questions readers would ask about the characters. For example, when Miranda questions how convenient it is that both she and Olivia have fae blood, a rational answer that they probably bonded because of their subconscious similarities made sense.
As in other books, the world building aspect takes a back seat, but I am not reading your books for great world building. Instead, I read it for the rich emotional story that is combined with the spicy hot sex scenes. This story and its predecessor are what I look for in an erotic romance. It has just the right balance of emotion with titillation. B+

Best regards,


PS. Can we agree that there is some strange alien girl on your cover that has nothing to do with the book?


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