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Hmm. Could be good.
Christina McKenna’s THE MISREMEMBERED MAN, about a lonely man and a lonely woman seeking love who come together with surprising results against a background of lively social connections — feuds and friendships, heartbreak, love, secrets and lies, to Matthew Miller at Toby Press, by Bill Contardi at Brandt & Hochman (World English).

Related to Annie Proulx?
Joanne Proulx’s ANTHEM OF A RELUCTANT PROPHET, in which a seventeen-year-old fortells the death of his best-friend with freakish accuracy, everyone in his hometown finds out, and life gets complicated fast, to Katie Herman at Soho Press , in a nice deal, by Samantha Haywood at Transatlantic Literary Agency (US).

I guess young people read things other than Harry Potter
Author of Crank, Ellen Hopkins’ three more teen novels, again to Emma Dryden at Margaret K. McElderry Books, for six figures, for publication annually starting in fall 2008, by Laura Rennert of Andrea Brown Literary Agency (world).

I only read one Bubbles book and that was enough for me. Definitely a case of INYIM (It’s Not You, It’s Me)
Author of The Cinderella Pact, Sarah Strohmeyer’s three more updated fairy tales for women, again to Trena Keating at Dutton, with Julie Doughty editing, by Heather Schroder at ICM.

Cool. I am excited to read Prom Nights from Hell and I would be excited to read this trilogy. I need to do an article about why I like Young Adult books so much, but part of it, I think, is the lack of sex making the connections between the young people more cerebral and less physical.
DEAD WITCH WALKING author Kim Harrison’s trilogy featuring the protagonist introduced in a story for a forthcoming anthology PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL, to Farrin Jacobs at Harper Children’s, by Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates.

Chick lit may be dead, but the vampires live on.
GIRL’S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT and GIRL’S GUIDE TO SORCERY author Mindy Klasky’s MAGIC AND THE MODERN GIRL, the third in the trio; and two in the paranormal chick-lit series, SISTERHOOD OF THE LAMP, to Mary-Theresa Hussey of Red Dress Ink, by Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates.

I like the Gothic overtones idea.
Maura Hamilton’s debut SHADES OF PASSION, a paranormal historical romance with Gothic overtones, and an untitled historical romance, to Ellen Edwards at NAL, by Evan Marshall at the Evan Marshall Agency (world).

I wonder if this would be too young for me but it sounds pretty interesitng.
Robin Wasserman’s CHASING YESTERDAY trilogy, about a thirteen-year-old girl who wakes up knowing nothing about herself, her past, or even her name, who discovers that the only thing more terrifying than forgetting the past is remembering it, to Anica Rissi at Scholastic, in a nice deal, by Barry Goldblatt at Barry Goldblatt Literary (world).

For some reason this book sounds like an inspirational to me.
Debby Mayne’s IF THE DRESS FITS, about a bridal shop owner who faces challenges of the heart when a businessman makes an offer she can’t refuse – but must, to JoAnne Simmons at Barbour, in a nice deal, by Tamela Hancock Murray of Hartline Literary Agency.

Hmm. Maybe blogging partner, Jayne, would like this.
Author of THE BLOOD CONFESSION Alisa Libby’s historical novel based on the life of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, to Mark McVeigh at Dutton Children’s, by Esmond Harmsworth at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency (world).

Never heard of Jodie Dittman, but I do like stories about Firemen.
Jodie Dittman writing as Jo Davis’s debut romantic suspense series, centered around the A-shift firefighters of Station Five, to Tracy Bernstein at NAL, in a three-book deal, by Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency (world).

Why does this person’s last name look so familiar?
Kerry Reichs’ debut THE BEST DAY OF SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE, following one woman through a year and a half of weddings and changes, looking at friendships, relationships, and family bonds, and at growing up and sometimes growing apart, to Carrie Feron at Avon, by Lisa Grubka at the William Morris Agency (NA).

A little Da Vinci code-esque or maybe a little more Thomas Gifford
Yori Yanover’s CABALIST’S DAUGHTER, pitched as Good Omens meets Left Behind as a 130-year-old rabbi, a sheltered young woman, and a battle-scarred cop find themselves in the center of an age-old plot with supernatural ramifications, to Larry Yudelson at Ben Yehuda Press, in a nice deal (World).

I have a hard time seeing a weatherman be the hero of a story.
Jane Tara’s debut FORECAST, about a psychic weatherwoman who lives with her other-worldly mom and grandmom and falls in love with the very down-to-earth weatherman she’s replacing, to Leah Hultenschmidt at Dorchester, for publication in November 2007, by Ken Atchity at AEI Literary Management (NA).

Must be another erotica/erotic romance anthology/collection.
Cathryn Fox and Sylvia Day’s SPELLBOUND I: MAGIC AND MAYHEM, two intertwined contemporary paranormal novellas about a fantasy lover spell gone awry, again to Lucia Macro at Harper, in a nice deal, by Bob Diforio at D4EO Literary Agency for Fox, and by Pamela Harty at The Knight Agency for Day (world).

I read about this series the other day at Roxanne St. Claire’s website. Horse racing? I guess I see Nascar as being a better relationship. But, I think it would be hilarious to see the exclusive hat-wearing folk at the Kentucky Derby sitting behind a table of Harlequin books. I also noticed that there is a man in the group. I am not terribly interested in reading a male penned romance. I know, I am a bigot like that. I also can’t foresee a jockey being the hero. We romance readers have a thing for height challenged men.
Elizabeth Bevarly, Wendy Warren, Kristin Gabriel, Joanne Rock, Barbara Dunlop, Kathleen O’Reilly, Maggie Price, Ken Casper, Jenna Mills, Loreth Anne White, Margot Early, and Bethany Campbell’s twelve novels in a new contemporary romance series set against the backdrop of the Kentucky horseracing community, to Marsha Zinberg and Stacy Boyd at Harlequin, in nice deals for Bevarly, by Steven Axelrod at The Axelrod Agency; Warren by Laura Blake Peterson at Curtis Brown; Dunlop by Evan Fogelman at Fogelman, Underwood, Perkins & Ralston; O’Reilly by Kim Whalen at Trident Media Group; Price by Pam Hopkins at Hopkins Literary Associates; and Mills by Roberta Brown at the Roberta Brown Literary Agency.

Someone let me know how the second book goes.
Author of SECRET SOCIETY GIRL and the upcoming UNDER THE ROSE Diana Peterfreund’s next two books in the series, following an Ivy League senior’s spring break on her society’s private island, and her final challenges in tapping a new class of knights, graduating from college, and maybe even falling in love, again to Kerri Buckley at Bantam Dell, by Deidre Knight at The Knight Agency (NA).

Somebody must be reading her but it isn’t Jayne or I.
Diane Whiteside’s THE BLUE-EYED DEVIL, in which a man’s deadly skills are needed to keep an intellectual woman safe in early 1900s Europe after she steals secret plans which could trigger a war, THE ARIZONA DEVIL, where the values of the old west collide with the greedy extravagance of Victorian Newport society during a family feud, and one other historical, to Kate Duffy at Kensington, in a very good deal, by Elaine English of Elaine English Literary (world).

Classic Harlequin title: Dad for Life. As opposed to the other titles that could have been offered like Dad Until I Get a Divorce from Your Cheating Mom.
TREASURE and DAD FOR LIFE author Helen Brenna’s new novel for Harlequin’s NASCAR series, to Tina Colombo at Harlequin, for publication in May 2008, by Tina Dubois Wexler at ICM (World).

Now, Anne Stuart’s novels should be titled Amoral Men and the Women Who Love Them.
Anne Stuart’s untitled novella for Christmas anthology, to Marsha Zinberg at Harlequin, in a nice deal, by Jane Dystel at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (World).

OH YEAH! I can’t wait to read these.
Meljean Brook’s DEMON NIGHT, a continuation of her dark, sexy paranormal Guardian series, in which a Guardian and a woman he failed to protect must save her sister from a demon’s machinations, to Cindy Hwang at Berkley Sensation, in a two-book deal, by Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency (world).

Just in case you thought that there would be no more vampire thrillers, worry not, dear reader.
Two novels in a new vampire thriller series by Patricia Rosemoor and Marc Paoletti in which genetic manipulation, magic, unrequited love, voodoo priestesses, and, of course, vampires come together in an alchemical symphony of blood and desire, to Fleetwood Robbins for Del Rey, by Jennifer Jackson at Donald Maass Literary Agency (world).


Linda Wisdom’s CURSES, SPOILED AGAIN, about a 700-year-young banished witch who gets paid to eliminates curses in modern-day LA, until her former lover, a vampire cop, recruits her to help discover the connection between missing vampires and a once famous horror film star, to Deb Werksman at Sourcebooks, plus the first in the Witches Gone Wild series, by Laurie McLean at Larsen/Pomada Literary Agents (world).

Two words: Erotic Anthology.

Eden Bradley, Sydney Croft, and Stephanie Tyler’s southern-themed anthology featuring three stories: “The Art of Desire,” “Night Vision,” and “Shadow Play,” to Shauna Summers at Bantam Dell, by Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency.


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  1. For some reason this book sounds like an inspirational to me

    Barbour is an inspy house. I’m not sure how I know that, but I’ve heard the name. I think my younger sister reads their books.

    These daily deals are hard on the muse. Off to drown my professional envy in Doritos and coffee. 🙂

  2. I am pretty sure there is a guy author in the next group of NASCAR books. It might even be Ken Casper but I am too lazy to look.

    I read Diana Whiteside :P.

  3. I also can’t foresee a jockey being the hero. We romance readers have a thing for height challenged men.

    Dick Francis seemed to manage and do rather well with them. I know his books aren’t usually thought of as romance, but the ones I’ve read (admittedly I haven’t read that many) seemed to me to be romantic suspense, really, as there was a romance relationship (with happy ending) interwoven with the crime on the race-track. Heroes were quite often jockeys or ex-jockeys.

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