Audiobook Rentals Are Now Available

I always thought Audio books were way too expensive for purchase and I have only used them when I could check them out from the library, but my libraries selection was very limited. Audible is a good resource, offering many books for less than $20 if you subscribed. A better solution is Audiobooksonline, a UK company, which is purporting to offer audiobooks for rent. The author receives a royalty for the rent on top of the original purchase. It’s not as good, obviously, as each reader buying new, but it may increase overall use of audiobooks.

The service will operate in a similar way to online DVD rentals, with the customer paying a monthly subscription and compiling a “wish list”. Depending on which subscription band they opt for, they can borrow several titles at one time, listen, return and have their next titles delivered. The bands are: £9.99 for one title at a time, £12.99 for two and £15.99 for three – all for an unlimited number of choices in a month.

I hope this comes overseas, and soon. Via Publishing News.


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  1. There are several audio book rental services already operating, I’m not sure if this one you’re highlighting is something different. But the two I’m familiar with, that my MIL uses, you pay a monthly fee, have a wishlist and get sent books out as you return the others (like Netflix, only audio books). She’s been using this one for several years

    She has problems with vertigo, which makes it difficult for her to focus on a page, so she uses audio books instead. I believe she’s been very happy with their service since I mentioned it to her a few years ago. I also think she’s used this one, as well, and may have actually switched to them. I’m not sure:

    Is this the type of program you’re referring to or did I misunderstand?

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