Bookstores Adding Free Wi-Fi

Independent booksellers are beginning to offer free wi fi to increase customer traffic. Bridget Rothenberger told Bookseller This Week that offering free wi-fi was “one of the smartest decisions” and that she would “recommend it to every bookstore.”

I love free wi-fi. Panera Bread offers it free but Barnes & Noble only offers a pay (as does Borders). Guess where I go to get a snack and read my book? Yep, Panera. If there was a bookstore that offered free wi-fi, I would be there instead.

Via Shelf Awareness


0 comments on “Bookstores Adding Free Wi-Fi

  1. Burger King in my area also offers free wifi, which has been great since it’s been constant winter and the kids can’t run and play like they need to. I send them off to kiddieland while I sit down and surf. McDonald’s makes you pay. Someday I’d like to go to Panera, but then I’ll be sad the kids aren’t little.

  2. I love this! When I travel I’m always looking for the local Panera for just that reason, but if there’s a bookshop offering it…I’d rather be there and make a few purchases before it was time to leave.

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