Non Sequitur of the Week: Gold Digger

I love this song. I can’t decide if Bridget Moynahan is one or if Tom Brady is an ass. Maybe it’s a bit of both. It’s like he said, “hey, babe, I’m breaking up with you to date a younger supermodel (Gisele Bundchen) but I’ll leave you with a little sperm package to remember me forever.” Her response, “Well, you’ll be paying me for said sperm package for the rest of your life.”

And what is going on with the trend of younger men/older women? Justin Timberlake leaving Cameron Diaz for the barely legal Scarlett Johanssen and now, Tom Brady shucking his older supermodel for a younger, sportier model. It’s nice to see that the trends always swing back. Maybe there is still hope for a resurgence of the historical romance novel.


0 comments on “Non Sequitur of the Week: Gold Digger

  1. Man, if Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johanssen hooking up leads to the resurrgence of historical Romance, I’ll see every movie and buy every cd either of them ever make.

    I love this song, but it always gets me thinking about how so many of my fellow law students are anti-prenup. And it’s not because they’ll have less work (besides it’s not kosher to contemplate divorce in a prenup). I appreciate that they think marriage is forever, but it still surprises me. Maybe ten more years and more separate property under their belt will make a difference. Don’t they realize that disparities in how each spouse handles money is one of the biggest sources of marital discord? Maybe this song should be part of the curriculum.

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