REVIEW: You Can’t Hide by Karen Rose

Dear Ms. Rose:

Having read four of your six releases, I feel confident in saying that you consistently deliver a good suspense with a believable romance. You regularly villianize certain professionals (defense lawyers and journalists), but your provocative themes along with strong characterizations make for a non stop reading adventure.

Tess Ciccotelli is a psychiatrist with a promising practice until her patients start killing themselves. What is worse is that her patients seemed to be driven to kill themselves by Dr. Tess herself. Evidence from the crime scenes show hallucinegetic drugs with her finger prints on it; her voice is recorded as taunting the victims. Dr. Tess becomes the prime suspect and her life begins to fall apart as the press villifies her and the licensing board begins to review her competency.

Aidan Regan is convinced that Dr. Tess is at fault for the murders of her patients and sets out to prove it. In the course of the investigation, Aiden’s thinking is changed and he begins to not only believe that Tess is a victim, but he begins to care for her. This makes the real killer all the more angry as the villian wants nothing more than to ruin Dr. Tess. When the police start believing Tess is not the killer, the real villian escalates the danger to Tess and to her loved ones.

No character is safe, even the nice ones, which adds to the heightened tension of the story. While the main protagonists may not be in jeopardy, people around them are–creating emotional havoc for the main characters and unease for the reader.

The one drawback in this book is that the characterizations, both of the villians and the good guys, are very heavy handed. These people have few nuances providing little moral ambiguity and taking away some of the realism the story could have had. As romantic suspense books go, though, the romance and the suspense are nicely balanced and the story speeds by. B.

Best regards



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  1. You know, I got rid of 250 books in the last couple of weeks in anticipation of our move to a new place next week. Yet, I did manage to buy 5 new ones, including Karen Rose’s latest. 😛 There’s been a lot of positive buzz on her entire backlist coinciding with Count to 10, and now I think I’ll have to track every one of them down. 😀

  2. I enjoyed the book ( count to ten). I happened to come across it by going to a festival and they were sellings books for cheap. I have a way of telling a good book that is easy to read by glancing through the first 3 pages. If it catches my attention then its most like a good book. I read it in 2 days and could not but it down. I look forward to read more … thanks.

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